Snow And Melt Systems Save Time

Do you live in an area where you get a large amount of snowfall? With all of the snow comes the responsibility to shovel and move the snow so you can get your car out of your driveway in the winter. You also have to shovel it off of your sidewalk so you will not slip and fall without causing damage to your driveway with all of the shoveling or plowing you may do. What if I told you that you could avoid all of that and save yourself the aches and pains (and the inconvenience) of having to plow and shovel all of that snow each year?



There are many companies that offer an integrated snow and ice melt system that can act as your “right hand” in eliminating most of the work and making your home a safer environment during the cold season. Here are two ways these companies may be able to help you accomplish this. The first way is by installing tubes underneath your driveway and sidewalk that uses an antifreeze solution that is heated and sent through the tubes to help melt the snow and ice. The second method is to use an electric snow melting system and it produces a faster melting than the first method; however, this one is more expensive. The first method is a hydronic system and requires ongoing maintenance, but they may result in lower utility bills! Since the second method runs 100% on electricity, that is why it is more expensive.

The company that you decide to choose should work with you to determine which type of treatment would work best for your home and/or business and go from there! Sometimes companies will even install the system in your existing sidewalks and/or driveways and cover it with a fresh layer of concrete or a driveway and walkway treatment.

The prices may deter some from actually going through with the purchase, but you could potentially save your family from some nasty falls and back issues down the road. Snow is actually very heavy, and constantly shoveling it can really damage your back. A nasty fall could break a bone. If you can afford this services such as these, it’s work looking into the options available in your area.


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