West Boulevard Cleaners is an Ecofriendly Cleaner for your Dry Cleaning Needs

I am sure over the years we all have had to use the dry cleaners. When using a dry cleaner one may never realize or know what is involved in the dry cleaning process. Traditional dry cleaners use chemicals in the dry cleaning process and over time with exposure can cause neurological, liver and kidney damage. Through some research, I have found West Boulevard Cleaners which is an ecofriendly dry cleaner that does not use dangerous solvents or chemicals in their dry cleaning. Having the peace of mind that your clothes are not going to be doused with chemicals is a huge factor in why I will only use an ecofriendly service such as West Boulevard Cleaners.
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West Boulevard Cleaners is an environmentally safe alternative dry cleaning service for various types of clothing and household items. You can count on your clothes and other items to be safe as they only use Miele WetCare Professional washing machines, biodegradable detergents and specialized European finishing for certain types of fabrics and fibers.
At West Boulevard Cleaners your clothing will be brighter, softer and smell fresher. Last year, I brought some shirts to the dry cleaners and when I got them back they had a dry cleaning odor that just smelled awful. I did not realize that it was probably from all the chemicals they used during dry cleaning. I am so thankful to know of an ecofriendly cleaner that is solvent-free. Read More

Best Times to get a Great Deal on Buying a New Car

Have you ever thought to yourself, I would like to get a new vehicle but I don’t necessarily need one? When would be the best time to make this move? Sometimes just wanting a change can spur good deals as you are not pressured into making a deal because it is a necessity. Like any other market, the automotive industry has its strong and weak seasons. Making your purchase during the weak seasons could spark extra incentives from the dealership for you to purchase from them.
Typically the winter season is the slowest time of year for dealerships. The risk with purchasing in winter is that it nears the end of the year while the inventory is low. There is a risk that the vehicle you are looking for may not be in stock as they are clearing their lots for the next year’s models. With that being said, the slow winter could make the sales individuals more willing to drop the price on a vehicle to make a sale. In fact, you may want to shop the previous year’s models when the current year’s models are coming into stock. Dealerships are typically more willing to make a deal to get the inventory slot for a new model. Read More

How to Prevent Battery Failure

It is early in the morning on a frightfully cold morning and your vehicle is covered in snow. After taking the time to clear a path to your car and clear the snow off of it you finally can get into your car, freezing cold and wet. As you turn the key the auxiliary lights dim and the motor cranks extremely slow until it will not crank anymore. Frustrated you realize that your battery has just died on you and you will not be going anywhere. While this situation is fabricated, individuals living in cold weather states fear this event or have experienced it themselves. Read More

How to Shop for your Auto Loan

The majority of individuals need cars for ever day life. Not only do people seem to need their cars, but most of us love our cars. Unfortunately, the loan that comes along with the car is not something that everyone loves as well. This is why it is important to make sure you understand how to get the best deal possible for the lengthy commitment. Follow these tips and you could work yourself into a lower interest rate and paying less in the end.
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Train Your Jedi with Uncle Milton's Jedi Force Levitator

*Holiday guide 2015*
star wars levitator
Training to defeat the Sith Lord is no small feat, but learning how to control the force will be one of the largest skills for a young Jedi. The force will be strong with your children when they use the Star Wars Science Jedi Force Levitator kit from Uncle Milton, Using the power of static electricity or the force, they will push and force pull one of the eight training deflectors with three distinct shapes. The training rod is actually a static electricity generator that helps your young apprentice channel the force. Using the rod itself, it pushes the deflector for away from the rod. When the young Jedi Knight uses their hand, they can force push and pull the deflector using their own natural electrical charge. The included science poster explains the force pull and push to the young Jedi. It also provides experiments that the young apprentices can try. Read More

Save at Dollar General on Scott with Digital Coupons

I have always been a big fan of Dollar General as I can always find exactly what I need. Thankfully, Dollar General is right down the road where I live which makes my life so much easier. Just the other night as it was getting late I forgot toilet paper and I made a Dollar General run to grab my favorite Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper. I have used Scott products for many many years and it is the only brand of toilet paper we buy. Read More

Shopkins Season 3 Theme Packs are the Perfect Holiday Gift

*Holiday Guide 2015*
With the holiday just around the corner, it is time to pick up the latest fun toys for your kids. Shopkins season 3 Theme Packs have a variety of fun items for your kids to enjoy. If you are familiar with Shopkins, then you can add these cute theme packs to your existing collection.
This Fast Food Theme Pack has everything you need to serve up some tasty treats to your Shopkin friends. With the sweet serve ice cream machine and grill, you can cook hamburgers, fries, salty pretzels and ice cream. In addition, this pack includes 8 Shopkinfun goodies. Read More

Purr-Packs Subscription Box Delivers Purrfect Treats and Treasures

*Holiday Guide 2015*
One of my favorite things is getting subscription boxes for myself because I love surprises. You never know what is in the box until you get them and that makes it exciting. Since we love surprises, don’t you think our pets may like them too? I was researching pet boxes on the internet and found Purr-Packs which is a subscription box for our feline friends. When Purr-Packs said they would send me a box for my kitties, I was so excited and could not wait for it to arrive. When it finally arrived, I could not wait to show Jinx and Bella their new boxes. When I first opened the box they went crazy and tore up the box before I could take any kind of photos or anything, so I saved the second box for another day and they were just as excited. Read More

Finding the Right Sofa to Match Your Home’s Style

With so many different types of sofas available, finding the right one to match your style can be tricky. Having a clear idea of space the sofa will inhabit makes choosing so much easier.
Taking a quick tour of your local furniture store, flipping through a catalogue or browsing online soon reveals just how many different kinds of sofas there are available. An incredible variety of styles, colours, shapes, upholstery, and sizes can often add up to a buying dilemma. How exactly does one decide which sofa is the right one to suit a particular style of home? Thankfully, there are strategies one can use to answer this question and also save time and money in the process. Read More

How to Make your Vinyl Cladding Look New Again

Cladding is becoming increasingly popular. As manufacturers bring out new designs and use new technology to create more versatile materials, customers face a complex choice. Despite the amount of choice available, vinyl cladding remains a very popular choice. It’s great as not only does it look stunning, it requires minimal effort in the maintenance department. Many other materials such as timber and stone do not offer this advantage. Read More