Finding the Right Sofa to Match Your Home’s Style

With so many different types of sofas available, finding the right one to match your style can be tricky. Having a clear idea of space the sofa will inhabit makes choosing so much easier.


Taking a quick tour of your local furniture store, flipping through a catalogue or browsing online soon reveals just how many different kinds of sofas there are available. An incredible variety of styles, colours, shapes, upholstery, and sizes can often add up to a buying dilemma. How exactly does one decide which sofa is the right one to suit a particular style of home? Thankfully, there are strategies one can use to answer this question and also save time and money in the process.


Modular sofas provide great flexibility as they are comprised of individual sections or modules that can be rearranged to suit a variety of needs. Regardless of whether a home is large or small, one only needs to purchase the amount of modules required to fill the space. A couple may choose two or three pieces, whereas a large family with a spacious home could purchase six or seven pieces. Modular sofas tend to look very modern, angular, and they generally don’t have arms. Because they are usually the size of a single seat they can be arranged in many different configurations. This makes them perfect for both smaller and larger homes as well as odd shaped rooms.


Chaise is French for ‘long chair’ and is an elegant piece of furniture that can bring a touch of class to a room. Typically they are similar to the shape of a deck chair and incorporate a high back at one end and short, low legs. The seat is extended allowing one to stretch out and relax. This style is often depicted in movies and television shows as the stereotypical psychoanalysts couch.


This type of sofa is another classic that is rather long and extended, that has a tufted look due to the kind of buttoned padding it has. A Chesterfield has a long, high back extending the full length. Typically it is upholstered in leather or vinyl although there are many modern variations available. This sofa is well suited amongst antique pieces or for any home seeking a refined and tasteful touch.


Multi-purpose sofas include sofa beds and lounges with hidden storage space within them. These are excellent for use in small spaces as they have a dual function and definitely come in handy for entertaining or catering to unexpected guests. Fabrics and upholstery can be sourced to suit any taste or style.

Some sofas have arms at each end and the bed folds out from underneath the seats, extending forwards. In other designs the back is unlatched allowing it to drop down and rest level with the seats to make a large sized bed. It is important to check the ease that these sofas are converted into beds, as well as the weight as elderly or infirm people may find the task too difficult.


Club lounges are rather chunky looking and have their origins in art deco stylings. They are very solid, with wide arms, cushions, and backs. One sits deeply in a club lounge armchair, and they would literally swallow up small children and may not easily accommodate a person of large girth. These sofas definitely make a statement and would not suit a minimalist style as they are large, imposing, and cumbersome.


A Settee is a long seat with arms and a back that would easily accommodate two or more people depending on the length. These are well suited for a minimalist style home and can also appear quite dainty and unassuming. Settees are very modern in style and can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit singles, couples, or large families. They can also be long enough to really stretch out on when the need for a refreshing nap arises.

The world of sofas is fascinating and there are many different styles of couches, loveseats, divans, sofas, fainting couches, daybeds, and more than could possibly be discussed in one article.

Rather than being overly concerned with the terminology, the best strategy is to look at photos online and visit a number of furniture showrooms to be sure that the sofa you have in mind will match your décor and style of living.

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