How to Save Money on Beauty Products

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Makeup enhances natural features. It adds a little fun and variety to your typical style and look. We love makeup. We just don’t love paying too much for it. We do not want to give up the joy of a nice shade of red, but we want our spending under control. So we developed some tips to help you save on makeup and other beauty products.

Buy in Bulk

Shampoos, conditioners, and lotions and creams need replacing every couple of months. Buy in bulk to save money and a few trips to the store. Buying in bulk gives you enough shampoo and other items to last anywhere from three months to a year.

In the end, you save more by buying one big stock of items.

Dollar Stores

Dollar Stores carry major makeup brands and discount ones. It does not matter if you buy a Covergirl lipstick tube or a Wet & Wild one: They both cost a dollar at Dollar stores. Use these stores to buy all your beauty basics, such as nail polishes, mascaras, and lipsticks.

Shop at a Dollar Store, and then splurge later on something more tempting such as a new designer handbag.

Dupe That

Mainly Dupe That is an Instagram that includes photos of high-end makeup and its drug store counterpart. Use Dupe That to find M.A.C’s Heroine shade at another company for only $3.

Dupe That helps you find cheaper makeup alternatives, and deals on high-end makeup, such as Bare Minerals and NYX. The ladies behind Dupe That also give honest reviews of various brands.

Beauty Boxes

Customers pay a monthly fee (as low as $10) for beauty boxes. Generally, these boxes contain sample size products.

Receiving new makeup each month stops you from getting bored with your style. It also stops you from splurging on beauty products every time you enter a store. Beauty boxes let you try many different brands, which could help you find the perfect product for you.

Sample Sizes

Buy sample sizes instead of full size makeup. Most major makeup and beauty product companies sell miniature versions of their makeup, especially the best sellers. Beauty product companies, such as Smashbox, also sell sample size makeup kits. These kits include a variety of different travel size products for about $20 or $30.


Groupon offers coupons from major beauty product companies, such as Ulta and Birch Box. Use these coupons to save on everything from shipping to 70 percent off your total purchase. Coupons let you utilize as many discounts as possible.

Keep the luxury of buying beauty products but save while doing it.

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