Make your Car Feel New

How to Make your Vehicle Feel New Again
It has been a few years since you have bought your vehicle and you are starting to feel the love for your car is not the same. Depending upon your situation and if you leased or have a loan on your vehicle, you may not be able to purchase a new car. Fortunately, there is a few things that you can do to help spice up your relationship with your vehicle. Please remember if you are leasing the vehicle, make sure that you check your leasing agreement prior to performing any suggestions that modify your vehicle. Read More

Finding Auto Repair

You are driving your car, and you start hearing noises in your car that you can no longer ignore. If you are in warranty, the issue is not hard as you can just head down to your local dealership. When you are out of warranty, the issue may not be that simple. Dealerships certify their mechanics in the types of vehicles that they sell to understand exactly how to repair issues with those models. They also use factory parts that are made from the manufacturer to be an exact match for your damaged part. That is why it is so important to establish a relationship with a local dealer that is in a reasonable distance from your home.
Whether you are new to the area, or have spent years going from one mechanic shop to another, now is the time to find a certified dealership with a service center. You can start by bringing in your vehicle for regular maintenance such as oil changes or tire checks. If you have purchased your car from a dealer close to your home the task is easy. But if you are not in the same area, then you must find another one. Talk to your family and friends and see whom they have had good experiences
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2016 Auto Technology

Almost every year automobile manufacturers come out with new ways to make their product more enjoyable and safer for the public. The 2016 models have shown no difference from this trend with some impressive new safety features. It has been a science fiction fantasy since the 1980’s that there would be self-driving cars. While we are not there yet, some serious advancements will help manufacturers perfect the components to reach this goal. Move over self-parallel parking cars, here comes to automobiles of 2016. These are the top safety features announced for the 2016 model year vehicles. Read More

Adaptive Vehicle Equipment

Equipment that was developed to allow individuals with disabilities and limited mobility that would otherwise prevent driving do so. These devices are often prescribed by physicians of qualifying patients. Unfortunately, the equipment is quite expensive ranging up to $80,000. It is heavily recommending seeing if public or private financial assistance is available for those who require such adaptive equipment. While it is expensive, the independence provided by being able to drive a vehicle is priceless. Here are a few different types of adaptive technologies that are currently available in the market. Read More

#SaveonScott Digital Coupons and Bonus Packs at Dollar General

I have a family of six and saving money by using coupons is a big thing for us. I never been a big couponer like some people are, but when I can find an easy system that works for me I try to utilize it to the best of my ability. Ease of use is important as I never have been good with trying to figure out stacking this coupon with that and waiting for the sale type of thing. I want to be able to log into a system, grab my coupons, and just get my savings. I give kudos to those that can maximize their savings by doing the above. If you are anything like me then you will definitely want to take advantage of Dollar General’s digital coupons. I will explain to you below exactly how to grab your coupons so you can start using them right away. (do you trust me? they are easy peasy, I promise you). Read More

NARSissist L'Amour Toujours Spring Eyeshadow Palette

I am excited to share with you one of the new NARS palettes that I received as part of the spring Narsissist line. This limited edition palette has 12 must have shades from everyday neutrals to rich beautiful accents. There is four large shades and 8 smaller shades in this palette. In addition, there is four matte along with 8 shimmers.
All the colors in this palette have never been released before. This is a limited edition palette so my suggestion is, if you love NARS as much as I do, you better scoop this one right up as they are going to sell faster than a hot cake. These colors seemed to have good pigmentation and more creamy in consistency than their other eyeshadows in the past. All these colors work wonderfully together to pair them or stand alone. I have been using more neutral colors as of late and the Cream Bisque is lovely as a base color. You can coordinate multiple different looks with the versatility of this palette. Read More

Invest in Real Estate Near Simon Frasier University, or Other Universities

Starting university can be an exciting and challenging time for any individual. Many experiences that are to come are new. To some people, this can be a very scary time as they have moved out of their comfort zone to start this new chapter of their life. Finding the right environment to go to after one is done with their day can be a great assistance in translating a positive university experience. This is why it is extremely beneficial to find real estate that will not only be a great investment in their experience, but potentially for their future as well.
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