#SaveonScott Digital Coupons and Bonus Packs at Dollar General

I have a family of six and saving money by using coupons is a big thing for us. I never been a big couponer like some people are, but when I can find an easy system that works for me I try to utilize it to the best of my ability. Ease of use is important as I never have been good with trying to figure out stacking this coupon with that and waiting for the sale type of thing. I want to be able to log into a system, grab my coupons, and just get my savings. I give kudos to those that can maximize their savings by doing the above. If you are anything like me then you will definitely want to take advantage of Dollar General’s digital coupons. I will explain to you below exactly how to grab your coupons so you can start using them right away. (do you trust me? they are easy peasy, I promise you).


Scott products are products that we have used in our household for many years. I am sure you have read about this before, but I cannot express enough how much I love Scott products. SCOTT® 1000 Bath Tissue gives you the quality you want in 1,000 septic-safe sheets. Performance and long-lasting toilet paper rolls with the value you expect. I can remember a looong time ago when my parents had their septic system pumped and the guy that pumped it asked her what brand of toilet paper she bought. At the time she did not use Scott and the guy said well you really should use Scott paper as it is septic safe and will break down unlike other toilet paper. Ever since then it is the go to choice for her household as well as mine. Not only is it septic safe, gives you the quality you want in 1,000 septic-safe sheets. In addition, it will always deliver with exceptional quality each and every time.

scott paper towels

Scott paper towels is another product that I cannot live without. Who can live without paper towels? I use them for everything! Seriously! I cannot even think what my life would be like without access to paper towels. As I have said before I have a pretty decent size family and you can only imagine the daily mess that can happen in my household. This is why I love Scott paper towels becauseSCOTT® Towels feature unique ridges that quickly and effectively absorb messes and leave surfaces clean and dry. You will always have good performance and it gets the job done.
• Easy ways to save on great products such as SCOTT® through DG Digital Coupon offers!

• Bonus packs can help you save even more by stocking up on SCOTT® at Dollar General. Find your nearest location using the store locator!

• SCOTT® Brand is a superior product with no frills – just the perfect choice for your paper product needs!

Bonus packs at Dollar General Include

Bonus Packs:
• SCOTT® 1000 Bath Tissue, 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)
• SCOTT® Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, Mega Roll 6 Pack (Bonus 15% Sheets)
• SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue, Double Roll 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)

To redeem Digital Coupons:

  1. Sign up at Create account here and load which coupons you would like to use
  2. Visit your local Dollar General to redeem coupons at checkout. Find a Dollar General near you by using the store locator

Very simple to do and can save you lots of money. Check it out today!

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