Vegan Catering Options

Guest post by Anoush
Vegan Catering Options
Contrary to common belief, you can still wow your guests with a vegan menu. There are so many current vegan catering trends that are guaranteed to leave your guests saying, “I cannot believe this is vegan!” Ultimately, aside from the wedding venue, the food is one factor that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. For this reason, you want to make sure that you make it count!
Working with a Catering Company
It is generally not recommended to go the DIY route when it comes to the food at your wedding. Mainly because 1.) It is not worth the stress and chaos, and 2.) The professionals do it better. Catering companies are in business for a reason, because they know what it takes to cater events. Using a catering company in accordance with one of the banquet halls in Glendale, CA will ultimately save you a headache and money on your food budget. Read More

How Gas Prices are Calculated

Gas prices are one of those economic wonders that most consumers do not take a second look at. How are the prices calculated seems to be a great mystery if you ask almost anyone pumping their fuel. As one could guess, there are a lot of environmental, economic, governmental, and local factors that determine the final consumer costs.
The bulk of the cost that oil refining companies have is the actual refinery of crude oil. According to the Energy Information Administration in 2011, sixty-eight percent of the costs are from this stage. Profit margins are included in the calculated 68% for the sub-contractors selling crude oil to the refiners. While most think that most of the United States oil comes from overseas, ninety percent of the oil used in the United States is produced within its borders. Read More

When your Car Wont Start

Troubleshooting a Car That Won’t Start
It is early in the morning and you get into your car to start your daily trek to work. You fumble to get your coffee in the holder and yourself comfortable in the seat. After buckling, you turn the key in your ignition and it does not start. After a few frantic attempts, the vehicle still decides it does not want to turn on. This is all automobile driver’s worst nightmare, and for some they might not know where to begin finding the issue. Fortunately, there are several distinctive signs that you can look for to see what could potentially be causing your issue. Read More

Automotive History

Early History of the Automobile.
We all know the story of Ford developing the Model-T in 1908, which is often credited for the invention of the combustion engine automobile. With the development of this technology, the social and economic impact was enormous on European countries and America. While the most popular story is of Henry Ford, the truth of the matter is that by 1899 there were thirty American companies producing approximately 2500 automobiles.
Two bicycle mechanics out of Springfield, Massachusetts had designed the first American automobile in 1893. Two years later, they won the first American race using automobiles. Due to their success with racing, the following year they began selling their product. In 1908, not only did Ford begin production, but also a man named William Durant started General Motors. Read More

Stop Distracted Driving

With more devices becoming hand held, the number of accidents caused by distracted driving has severely increased. Cell phones, car radio, Food, and other devises have led to over sixteen percent of all fatal accidents in the United States alone. This is caused by people averaging being distracted by twenty seven seconds per incident that they are not keeping their eyes on the road. Being distracted causes an average of 50% increase in reaction time for drivers once they complete their distracting tasks. Read More