When your Car Wont Start

Troubleshooting a Car That Won’t Start

It is early in the morning and you get into your car to start your daily trek to work. You fumble to get your coffee in the holder and yourself comfortable in the seat. After buckling, you turn the key in your ignition and it does not start. After a few frantic attempts, the vehicle still decides it does not want to turn on. This is all automobile driver’s worst nightmare, and for some they might not know where to begin finding the issue. Fortunately, there are several distinctive signs that you can look for to see what could potentially be causing your issue.

The most common in my experience is clicking sounds when you turn the ignition on the car. This typically means that your battery is dead, but it can rarely mean that you have a lose wire connecting the starter. If you can jump start the vehicle, it is a dead ringer for a dead battery. Conversely, if there is no noise from the car when you try to start it then you have an issue with your battery terminals.

If you do get the car to crank but it will not start it could be an issue with the fuel supply. Other possible causes are the spark plugs.

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