Get Ready for National Car Care Month

National car care month happens twice a year. In April to prepare your vehicle for spring and summer driving, in October for fall and winter. As the winter comes to an end you want to ensure your vehicle is ready to handle road hazards that come with summertime driving such as slick wet roads. Winter can be tough on our vehicles as potholes can ruin our tires causing damage to your tires and suspension. During April, it is important to have this checked out. Small problems that can occur during these winter months can lead to larger problems during the summer.

This is the perfect time for regularly scheduled maintenance as the weather change can bring out issues that were dorment during the winter months. Checking your coolant in your radiator will ensure that your vehicle doesn’t overheat during your drive. Windshield washer fluid is another often overlooked thing that should be topped off. Also check to see when your oil change is due. It may be time again as you should change it every three months even if you haven’t gone over the mileage.

The external parts on your vehicle should also be checked and changed as needed. If you are still using winter tires it may be time to put on the summer tires. Also, drastic changes in weather that you experience in the spring causes your tire pressure to fluctuate. Make sure that your tires are up to pressure as specified by the manufacturer. I have found the hard way that checking all of your lights is important. Recently, I was pulled over for a burnt out license plate bulb.

Performing these checks are not only for your safety, but to save you money in the long run. Often companies will have car care month specials and events where you can go in and they will cover how to properly inspect your vehicle. If you do not have the time, you can take your vehicle to a orofessional such as ReedmanToll Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM to handle your inspections or to prepare for your summer road trips.


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