What To Do When Your Home Gets Hit By A Flood

Sometimes, natural events occur that are impossible to stop. And, when that happens, your home is in the firing line. When the weather gets bad, water can seep into your property. And, as much as you would like to do something there and then, you are powerless. All you can do is let nature run its course and fight back when it stops. Here’s how you need to react if your home gets hit by a flood.

Call A Water Removal Service

As soon as the water stops, you need to get it out of your home. If it stays there for any length of time, it can cause even more damage. Your best option is to call a water removal company  to vacuum it all away. With their heavy duty machinery, they should be able to get rid of the water within a couple of hours. The scale of the flood will have a direct impact but just ask for a quote before they begin. A tip: don’t be held hostage. You do need to act quickly, but you don’t want to get ripped off.



Salvage What You Can

Hopefully, the water won’t destroy everything in your home. The upstairs, for instance, should be dry and clean. What you want to do, then, is move all of the clean and dry items from the upstairs out of the house. You may think that they are fine because there is no damage. However, that could easily change. Don’t take risks as they tend to cost a lot of money. Also, inspect all of the damaged items before you throw them in the bin. They may be wet, but they may be fine after a clean and a bit of hairdryer treatment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The fact is that there will be a lot of damage. But, if you have insurance, you should be able to claim it all back. Before you do, you need to contact them to tell them what has happened. They will ask you to describe everything and then go away and talk to their bosses. In the end, they will contact you and inform you of their decision. Make sure you don’t lie when you do this because it could make your policy void. Be truthful and deal with their judgements as and when they arrive.

Take Photos

Photographic images are vital to prove the extent of the damage. In fact, the insurance company won’t pay out if you can’t prove what you claim. For that reason, go around your home and take snaps of everything. Don’t leave any stone unturned because it could be the difference between you picking up the check and the insurance company paying out.

Re-evaluate Your Property

If your home is in a disaster area, you may want to think about moving. The cost of a new house may be less than the cost of repairs if it keeps on happening. Plus, you have to consider the emotional toll, and the time and energy it cost you.


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