Gorgeous Home Ideas You’ll Want To Adopt

Most of us would love our homes to be the most gorgeous one on the block. There is something about outdoing our neighbors that gives us that little bit of extra satisfaction in life! But if you want to continue having a fabulous home that you want to show off, change is essential. Styles and fashion come and go. To keep up with the latest trend, you need to update your look regularly. And now is the perfect time to consider changes in your home for the new season.
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Move Over Men: Making Your Basement Into A Woman Cave!

All too often, when we think of a spare basement in a house, we think ‘man cave.’ Well, it’s time to change that. Move over men; we’re turning it in a woman cave instead!
If you don’t like the word ‘cave’ to describe what you hope to make of the place, this is understandable. How about haven? After all, this is exact what it will soon be. You can go down there for some relaxation and peace and quiet from the family. It will be your space to do what you wish with.
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Top Tips for Cheap Family Travel

Traveling with the family is always fun, even though there’s something to be said for some time without the kids. Not only do you get to see new things for yourself, but you can show them to your children too. It gives you all a break from daily life and you can do new and interesting things. It’s the perfect way to make life more exciting if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Whether you go to the next town over or another country, just being away from home spices things up. However, it can get expensive when you’re traveling as a group. It’s expensive enough to feed everyone at home, let alone when you’re on vacation. Try my tips for saving when you travel with your family.
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Summer Fun With BeanBagglz

It is spring and with summer almost here, it is time to start preparing for your back yard parties and reunions.  Finding that new activity that will keep your guest entertained and act as a focal point to the event can be a challenge.  For this, providing versatility and variation for your guests is important.  Mobility is an important factor as time is always limited when preparing for a get together.  As we all know, not every events are in the back yard and sometimes they are not always in the most convenient places.  Another important factor when looking for this item is to ensure that it is easy to store and durable for you to keep for years to come.
beanbag So what can fill all of these requirements without having to sacrifice one aspect or another?  The BeanBagglz is a 33 in 1 gaming system that covers all of the above requirements and then some!  The system itself has many templates that allow for different experiences for the traditional Cornhole game.  You can mix the fun of Cornhole into pool, poker, football, golf, baseball and many other sports games.  This can be setup at an angle like traditional Cornhole, or stood up like a table.  Standing the table can allow you to convert a standard game into a drinking variety.  This is sure to add an interesting dynamic to the party once the young ones go for the day.
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Enjoy an Off-Road Experience with the 2017 Ram Power Wagon

RAM has introduced a new Power Wagon to their arsenal in the 2017 models at the Chicago Auto Show.  This model was developed with the intention of providing fans of the RAM line the ultimate off-road experience.  While the truck is based off the RAM 2500 Heavy Duty 4x Crew Cab, the RAM engineers compressed many features to excel its performance while maintaining reliability and durability. To complete the overall package, the engineers also had to redesign the interior and exterior to complement the rugged mechanical components utilized inside of this capable machine.  Read More

The Sophisticated Mini Cooper Clubman

The MINI Clubman is getting a new drive system that they are calling ALL4.  This all-wheel drive system provides additional handling and responsiveness out of the already sleek Sportsman.  The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) provides all traction control for slick conditions, fast corners, and strong acceleration.  The power plant for the standard Clubman ALL4 comes with 134-hp.  The Cooper S Clubman ALL4 comes with 189-hp and both with the option for a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8 speed Steptronic automatic transmission.  Read More

Grand Cherokee Jeep Summit

The Grand Cherokee line of Jeep products has a new edition knowns as the Summit, and it is the pinnacle of luxury within the full-sized SUV market.  Most of the improvements over the Grand Cherokee are inside of the cab, rather than the exterior.  The interior is highlighted with Laguna leather interior with four different coloring options.  These include Indigo and Ski Gray, Black, Brown, and Dark Sienna Brown.  This is accentuated with the dashboard, door panels, seat edge welting, and center console wrapped in Nappa leather.  Read More

Drive in Style with the 2017 Chrysler 300s Sport

The 2017 Chrysler 300s Sport has been remodeled with interior and exterior improvements.  From the outside, you immediately notice  more aggressive persona from the front including LED fog lamps.  Large air intake holes accentuate the frontal view. The side sills are sculpted and the deck-lid spoiler completes  more aggressive demeanor of the 300S sport.  The color is now a Ceramic Grey for the exterior that provides a straight shade hue. Yet, the real enjoyment doesn’t just come from the exterior aesthetics even if they do include 20-inch wheels.
The power plant comes with a standard 3.6-liter Penstar V-6 with 300 horsepower and 264 lb-ft of torque, or an optional 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI engine with a fuel-saving mode that operates off four-cylinders.  Both of these engines enjoy an exhaust system that provides a unique note to the engine.  To deliver the power to the wheels, a TorqueFlite eight-speed transmission is utilized.  Read More

2017 Chrysler Pacifica will Give you a Pleasurable Experience.

Chrysler has announced the replacement line for the Town & Country mini-van for the 2017 model year.  In the inauguration year, you have a choice between either a 3.6-Liter Pentastar V-6 Standard or Hybrid motor to power your riding experience.  The standard gasoline edition produces an impressive 287 horse power with 262 lb-ft of torque.  Conversely, the hybrid edition produces 248 horse power and 230 lb-ft of torque.  Converting the power of the engine is the nine-speed Torqueflite automatic front wheel drive transmission.  This will translate all available torque to the standard 17-inch aluminum wheels holding the BSW All season tires. Read More

Kia Soul EV Life

The Kia Ev Soul is an all electric and 100% gas-free vehicle. With this innovative technology,  it brings a whole new world of driving to the next level. Soul EV can reach acceleration of 0-100kph  and top speed of 145kph. Sporting a 27kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, the Soul can deliver with super performance and endurance.  Housing three different charging ports, you can always power up your vehicle in multiple different ways. All Soul EVs coe equipped with the quickest charge port. The DC fast charge will supply a charge to an empty battery in about 33 minutes. In addition, there is two more charge ports giving you the convience you need to take a trip and always have a charge. Read More