Summer Fun With BeanBagglz

It is spring and with summer almost here, it is time to start preparing for your back yard parties and reunions.  Finding that new activity that will keep your guest entertained and act as a focal point to the event can be a challenge.  For this, providing versatility and variation for your guests is important.  Mobility is an important factor as time is always limited when preparing for a get together.  As we all know, not every events are in the back yard and sometimes they are not always in the most convenient places.  Another important factor when looking for this item is to ensure that it is easy to store and durable for you to keep for years to come.

beanbag So what can fill all of these requirements without having to sacrifice one aspect or another?  The BeanBagglz is a 33 in 1 gaming system that covers all of the above requirements and then some!  The system itself has many templates that allow for different experiences for the traditional Cornhole game.  You can mix the fun of Cornhole into pool, poker, football, golf, baseball and many other sports games.  This can be setup at an angle like traditional Cornhole, or stood up like a table.  Standing the table can allow you to convert a standard game into a drinking variety.  This is sure to add an interesting dynamic to the party once the young ones go for the day.

Bean Bags are not the only way that you can use this product.  You can also put in a template that allows for table games as well.  Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon are just a few games that can be played.  As well, it provides great support to play a game of cards or shoot dice.  With large dimensions of three feet, by two feet by five feet, it is large enough to serve drinks and snacks on during the party.

Mobility is not an issue as it is made of a durable, but lightweight plastic and has three-inch extra wide rubber wheels.  This makes it easy to pull across difficult terrain such as sand or grass.  All of the accessories fit within the fifteen built in storage compartment meaning that there is no need to go find pieces the next time you wish to use the BeanBagglz.  When it is time to store, it is easy as it folds down small enough to slide under a bed or any low area.  If you wish to purchase a BeanBagglz or find out more information, feel free to look at their Kickstarter page.


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