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The Kia Ev Soul is an all electric and 100% gas-free vehicle. With this innovative technology,  it brings a whole new world of driving to the next level. Soul EV can reach acceleration of 0-100kph  and top speed of 145kph. Sporting a 27kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, the Soul can deliver with super performance and endurance.  Housing three different charging ports, you can always power up your vehicle in multiple different ways. All Soul EVs coe equipped with the quickest charge port. The DC fast charge will supply a charge to an empty battery in about 33 minutes. In addition, there is two more charge ports giving you the convience you need to take a trip and always have a charge.

Kia has partnered with Greenlots to accomindate your on the go needs. Giving you access to large networks of charging stations will make it simple to charge when you need to. Soul EV owners will receive a Kia ChargeUp card for access to DCFC and level 2 chargers via Greenlot’s SKY Smart charging platform.  Connect the Soul EV to your smartphone with the available UVO EV Services system and free UVO EV Services app so you can find charge stations nearby. In addition, you can recieve battery status alerts, unlock the driver door and adjust the in car climate all from the comfort of your home before you leave.

The Soul EV and Iconic Soul are designed together  giving you comfort with flexibility. With split-folding rear seats, lots of legroom  and exceptional cargo space, it leaves you with lots of storage for those car trips you may want to take. Additionally, the hidden luggage under tray provides easy storage for your charging cord.

Another aspect of this vehicle that I think is wonderful is the Soul EV three climate control technology helps monitor and manage energy allowing you to maximize your driving.  A highly efficient AC and heater in one, the standard heat pump utilizes waste heat from the car’s own power electronics to further your energy savings. Available on the Soul EV and Soul EV+.

I have a Kia and I love it. You will never be disappointed in owning a Kia. Check out all Kia has to offer with the Soul EV at Metrokiaatlanta 






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