Move Over Men: Making Your Basement Into A Woman Cave!


All too often, when we think of a spare basement in a house, we think ‘man cave.’ Well, it’s time to change that. Move over men; we’re turning it in a woman cave instead!

If you don’t like the word ‘cave’ to describe what you hope to make of the place, this is understandable. How about haven? After all, this is exact what it will soon be. You can go down there for some relaxation and peace and quiet from the family. It will be your space to do what you wish with.

So, what do you wish to do with it? Here are some ideas and thoughts to get you inspired…

Improve the air quality

Chances are, your basement won’t have a window. Even if it does, the chances are that the amount of light or natural air that is able to come in will be limited. However, the last thing you want is a haven that is stale and stuffy. If there is a musty odor in the air, this is because the room is too humid. This is very common in basements. So how to counteract this? Don’t worry; there is a way! Consider installing a good dehumidifier for basements.

If there is a window in the room, make sure you open it whenever you are down there. This will keep the air fresh, and make up for the times when the window has to be shut. Have a couple of house plants down there too. They will help purify the air for you also.




Let it accommodate your hobbies

You can use your basement haven one of two ways. It is entirely up to you which one you go with.

The first option is for it to accommodate your hobbies. So, if you love to paint, you can use this space to do just this. Or, if you love to edit photographs of your family, or browse Pinterest for cooking inspiration, that’s fine too. What is important is that you set the space up so you are able to do this.

The other option is to make it a space for nothing but relaxing! This means that the only items in the room should be ones that allow for this. Consider a technology ban, if you think you’ll cope. Leave the TV and internet for usage in the rest of the house, and leave your phone outside the door. Inside, only allow for reading books and magazines, and general relaxation. You could even create a space for yoga or meditation!



Decorate the ceiling

Painting the walls and hanging things up, and installing carpets and cozy rugs aren’t the only ways to decorate. Look up! The ceiling shouldn’t be forgotten about. If you love nature, how about hanging some artificial flowers down. You could mix them in with twine and artificial vines and leaves. Add a collection of colorful parrots on strings, which you can pick up from a garden center. Not real ones of course! Or make your own paper birds. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy that kind of vibe, how about some colorful, honeycomb paper balls. Their light weight means you can fix them to the ceiling with no problems, and they’ll stay there too!




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