Top Tips for Cheap Family Travel

Traveling with the family is always fun, even though there’s something to be said for some time without the kids. Not only do you get to see new things for yourself, but you can show them to your children too. It gives you all a break from daily life and you can do new and interesting things. It’s the perfect way to make life more exciting if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Whether you go to the next town over or another country, just being away from home spices things up. However, it can get expensive when you’re traveling as a group. It’s expensive enough to feed everyone at home, let alone when you’re on vacation. Try my tips for saving when you travel with your family.

Save on Transport

Getting to your destination and traveling around when you get there can be one of the most expensive parts. Flights aren’t cheap when you’re flying with the family, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Saving on flying is all about getting the timing right. Choose the best time to buy your flights and you’ll be able to get more money off. Hiring a car is often the most sensible option when you’ve got the kids with you. You can find savings on sites like Shopping around for the best deal will help you avoid paying too much. Sometimes, public transport is the cheaper option, especially when kids travel free.


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Kids Go Free

Speaking of free, you should look for any deals that mean the kids don’t have to pay. For example, you might be allowed to have up to two children in your hotel room without paying for them. Many hotels and restaurants let kids eat for free or at least half-price, saving you lots of on food and drink. You might not need to buy seats on flights and other transport for younger ones too. Plus, you can often find attractions that are free for kids to enter and even for adults sometimes too.


Choose Self-catering

Eating out all the time is expensive, even if the kids do get to eat for free. Although you might not want to cook when you’re on vacation, it will save you money. Plus, staying somewhere with a kitchen is often cheaper than a hotel. More than more hotel room will quickly become more expensive than renting an apartment or house. If you don’t feel like spending your vacation cooking all the time, come up with some simple and easy meals. You can also eat out some of the time. Perhaps make breakfast and lunch yourself and go out for dinner. Try to find a great value self-catering rental.

Avoid Buying Snacks

As well as not eating out for every meal, try not to buy snacks while you’re on the move either. Pack up some snacks to take with you for the day instead. You’re always going to end up paying over the odds in an amusement park or other attraction.

Traveling with your family doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. Plan your purchases carefully and you can stick to a budget.


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