TV Units: The Parts that make up a Whole




A new flat screen TV can be a remarkable addition to your home all by itself, but having the right stand to go with it is more of a necessity than a trend. In this article we’ll consider the three most important aspects to bear in mind when buying a TV unit: size, material and style.

With Measure for Measure to Functional Pleasure

Needless to say, the size of the unit depends on the size of your flat screen TV. You can easily ascertain the size of your TV yourself by using a tape measure. If you want to aim for a TV unit furniture that is significantly bigger than the TV itself, make sure that your living room is spacious enough to allow it. The entertainment unit can certainly become a centre-piece, but be careful not overwhelm the whole room with it.


The Warmth Only Supreme Material Brings
Three common materials that embody beauty an strength are oak, mango and medium-density fibreboard.



This is one of the most valued types of finishes since it can bring the feeling of raw nature into your home. Oak can be quite pricey, but for those who can afford it, it’s a small price to pay for its beauty, value and strength that has been widely recognised since the Middle Ages. One of its most attractive features are the grain markings.



For all of those who cannot afford oak, mango is not only the second best, but it comes in many different natural shades, ranging from very dark to a pinkish light brown. Apart from being affordable and utterly beautiful, the mango wood is also highly sustainable and water-resistant – a unique combination of features that turn it into one of the most desired types of finishes.


Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

This material has a rather unique process of manufacturing. It is in fact an engineered wood product which in itself contains elements of softwood/hardwood residuals that have been broken down into wood fibres and mixed with resin binder and wax. It all amounts to a very sturdy construction.


A Style That Fits Your Daily Needs

Next thing to consider are TV furniture styles. With such a plethora to choose from, it can be difficult finding the right style for your home. Choose based on your family size and how much use you plan to get out of your stand.


Let There Be Family

A big family requires a big living room and a spacious TV unit. It’s one more way to attempt to unify the generations. Everyone uses the living room and everyone likes the big flat screen, but everyone has a different agenda for it. For instance, mums like to bring this part of the living room to life with unique décor, be it vases, picture frames, candles or books. The kids might want to use it for playing games, so an extra drawer for the remote controls and a separate shelf for the Xbox will be much needed.


The most suitable material for a family style TV unit furniture is a mango and metal mix. The mango looks incredible and it is cheaper than oak, so it gives you an option to save money without sacrificing the desired larger design. The metal parts also add to the stability which is much needed when kids are in question. Choosing a larger TV stand offers you twice the functionality and promotes family bonding amongst the family members.


The Bite-Size Minimalist

For those who won’t settle for anything more than less (pun intended), the minimalist style can be best achieved with the clear lines and nude colour offered by a TV unit made from oak. This style is a synonym for sleekness, linear design and clutter-free space. In order to pull it off, bear in mind that you’d be better off with fewer drawers and as little décor as possible.




The Remote Control Is My World
A sleek, simple and strong TV unit may be the only shot gamers have at clutter-free gaming space. Most of them like to stray away from the all too traditionally looking units made from wood and they are not all that keen on metal ones either. Therefore, the best choice is an MDF unit, since they offer sturdiness and added support all while coming in colours that suit this lifestyle, such as a combination of grey and white, or just black. In addition, they need plenty of storage for all of their gaming consoles, remote controls, comic books and Lego toys.


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