Get A Great Summer Glow With These Handy Tips


Getting that Summer glow can feel impossible at times, but it’s much easier to achieve than you think. Most of us won’t want to be bothered with wearing a full face of makeup. It can just feel too hot and by the end of the day, it will have worn off. But there are many ways you can get a great glow with minimum effort from yourself. Just by using a few key products and changing a few things in your routine here and there, you are will on your way to getting a great Summer glow. So I thought I would share with you one of the ways you can do that.



Drink more water

Drinking more water can enhance the way you look. It can make your skin appear clearer and plump. It is recommended that you drink two litres of water each day. There are many benefits to increasing the amount of water you drink, and your skin is just one of them. If you are prone to breakouts and spots, you may find that hydrating your body more can be a natural deterrent. It is true that drinking plenty of water can plump your skin up and give it a natural glow all on it’s own. If you think you will be without makeup during the Summer, you would be wise to make this change to your lifestyle. You won’t be disappointed.

Watch what you eat

Sometimes the things we eat can have an affect on our skin, so make sure you are careful with what you eat. Too much sugary snacks can have a bad effect. Just like drinking too much coffee and alcohol. Take care of yourself during the summer and see the difference it will take to your skin glow.

Take some exercise

Taking exercise can make your skin glow as you are encouraging the blood to flow round your body better. It will make your skin appear much more formed and tighter in places, making it appear healthier.

Try some new products

It may be worth trying some new products. Things like BB Cream can be an excellent alternative to your usual foundation and much better for your skin. You will see a flawlessly even skin tone, but it has the added benefit of SPF protection. You may also want to try yellow finishing powder. Although the name may put you off, when applied correctly it can give you an amazing glow to your skin and face.

Go for a more natural look with a bit of statement

A more natural look in your makeup would be a better choice this Summer. But don’t forget a few statement looks. A vibrant lip colour and long lashes will go down a treat and offer a look you can go anywhere with. Whether it’s a lazy lunch or an evening out your skin will shine with this amazing natural look.


I hope this guide helps you get a great summer glow.



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