Modern Method to Purchasing a New Car

A lot of frustration and stress is experienced by people when purchasing a vehicle for a very simple reason.  It is a big decision that will stick with them for a minimum of the next five years for the average consumer.  Many people have solid habits when purchasing a vehicle, but techniques have changed since your parents explained the best way to purchase a new vehicle.  Perhaps the next time you are in the market for a new car, it may be time to take a new path so your shopping experience is a lot less troublesome than the past.

With any major purchase, the first true step is to determine what you need and what you want out of your new vehicle.  Do you need a vehicle with a third row, or does your price have to be under twenty-five thousand?  There are many factors that can determine which type of vehicle you purchase, therefore taking the time determine what your wants versus your needs are up front can help you narrow down the perfect fit for a vehicle.

Once your list of needs and wants are completed it is time to start researching available vehicles on the market and continue to keep researching until you narrow down to a few different models before you even think about stepping foot into the door of a dealership. Make sure to keep an eye out for things such as insurance costs and miles per gallon as these will affect your total cost of ownership.  It is important to make sure you keep a list of what needs and wants each vehicle provides you during this process as you may forget as time goes on.

Now that you have narrowed down your purchase, the next step is to go down the dealers and test drive the models that provide you interest.  This part is not as easy as it sounds because the most important part is to not purchase during the vehicle this phase.  This is just to ensure that you enjoy the ride and feel of the vehicle as much when determining which model to go with.  Perhaps a model is smaller than you thought it would be on the inside, and it may point you to a different model.

Taking your final choice(s) after the test drive to determine what it would cost you out the door is the next step.  This includes determining how much it would cost to insure, register, pay taxes on, and license the vehicle.  Most state Department of Motor Vehicle websites have calculators that can assist you with this process.  Use Kelly Blue Book and to determine the lowest price in your current market.  Combine the current market price and the price from the DMV to create a price you are willing to pay to drive off the lot.

Now it is time to take this price to reputable dealers such as Len Stoler Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep.  It is recommend finding several local dealerships to provide quotes to ensure that you get the best price.  Doing this by email and providing a couple of days to let the answers come in can be a good way to accomplish this.  Once your prices come back, contact the sales manager and let them know that you will be buying that day and to get the paperwork ready for you to sign. Also make sure that there are no hidden fees that were not already discussed before having the paperwork prepped. That way all you have to do is go in and sign the paperwork bore drain away in your new car.


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