Now the Fire Is Out: Your Next Steps After a House Fire



A fire in your home can lead to disaster. No matter what caused it, it can soon spread. If you’re lucky enough that no one gets hurt, and the fire is out, you still have to deal with the aftermath. Even a small kitchen fire can cause expensive damage to your home. You might be shaken up once the fire is out and unsure of what to do next. Perhaps the damage means you’ll have to find somewhere else to stay for a while. You might be unable to use one of the rooms in your home, and maybe need to pay for repairs or replacement furniture. Use these guide to work out your next steps.

Document the Damage

If there is damage to your home you need to repair, you should try to gather some evidence. This can involve taking photos and perhaps writing down some notes too. Anything you can do to document what has happened will help you make an insurance claim. It could also be useful to have other items, such as receipts for furniture you purchased. In some cases, you might even suspect foul play. While taking some evidence yourself could help in this situation, there will also be an official investigation. A fire marshal will look for the cause of the fire to identify whether someone might have set it on purpose.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you want to make an insurance claim, you need to get in touch with your insurer. They can open a case for you and explain what your next steps should be. They might ask you to send them evidence of the damage to your home. Sometimes, they might also want to send someone to survey your property too. They could ask you to gather some quotes to repair your property. However, some insurers will do this for you and choose the service they think is best. Before you call them, remember to check your policy. You can make sure you’re covered, and that you won’t be making a claim for less than your excess.


Call a Cleanup Service

It can be difficult and sometimes impossible for you to clean up damage from a fire on your own. Calling in a professional service is the smartest option. They have the industrial techniques to get everything clean. A service such as ServiceMaster by Zaba can address any damage caused by smoke or flames. They can get rid of odors and repair your kitchen after a fire. You could attempt to clean up yourself, but you will often find that you just waste your time.

Find Somewhere to Stay

Sometimes, it might not be safe or comfortable to remain in your home. If you need to move out for a bit, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Friends and family can help you out if you need it, and it’s also worth speaking to your insurance company. They might be able to put you up in a hotel or other accommodation. Check your policy to see if it includes temporary accommodation in the event of a fire.

A fire in your home can be a shock, but the sooner you take action, the better. Stay in touch with your insurer to help you with the financial consequences.


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