Top 5 Best 3D Tattoos Ideas for Kids

Now your first reaction to a child with tattoos would be a bit shocked I imagine. However due to the current popularity of temporary tattoos you will be surprised at the intricacies in design and color that can be produced these days. Temporary tattoos offer the chance to children to express their creativity and style in a safe and secure way without any nasty needles.

Temporary tattoos have been around for a while but they are really exploding in popularity lately, as they can be washed off and you don’t have the responsibility of having something inked into your skin for your whole life. Temporary tattoos for kids are now being released as well. Today we will be talking about the five best ideas for 3d temporary tattoos for kids, but more can be found at

The different types of stickers can make all the difference. The traditional wash off tattoo is a thing of the past. With new technology comes new innovations and, as such, you can now purchase a much longer lasting temporary tattoo which, when kept properly, can last for a few months!

Pokemon was released in the early 90’s and has quickly become a household name for children around the planet. The vast variety of Pokemon characters available make it a hotspot for children’s favorite things. Having a 3D temporary tattoo of Charizard and Pikachu will make any child smile with glee for hours.

Disney characters:
Disney characters have been idolized and loved by children for many generations. From the early black and white days of animation the industry has transitioned into 3d animation and Disney keeps smashing the world with super blockbuster hits like Frozen. Having a 3d temporary tattoo of Elsa or Sleeping Beauty will be the highlight of any girl’s year!

These natural events cause the entire spectrum of color to be seen due to the sun’s rays hitting water moisture in the air after a rainfall or storm. Kids around the planet are drawn to the simple beauty of a rainbow. Having one of these natural spectrums as a 3D tattoo as a child will make them the talking point of the entire class!

Smiley Face:
The classic smiley face design has been embraced by many cultural and social movements over the years. But kids mostly relate to it as a symbol of happiness and joy. It can be found in many children’s drawings and sketchbooks due to its ease of design and familiarity. The smiley face would make a great temporary 3D tattoo for children of all ages.

Butterflies are another one of nature’s great beauties. Everyone knows what they look like and what they do, and they come in thousands of different colors and sizes. Children of all ages can be found chasing butterflies in a vain attempt to capture the insect. With its elegant beauty, a butterfly would make a very pretty temporary 3d tattoo for children.

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