You Can Do A Luxury Vacation On A Budget. Here's How!

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Luxury holidays, vacations and adventures shouldn’t just be a privilege for the rich and famous. We should get to experience them also, even if we are working to a budget!
Don’t think that just because your budget is lower than you might like that you can’t afford a luxury holiday. Indeed, there are lots of ways you can save money! Whether you’re heading to a close-by USA destination or further afield, it is possible. You will need to save costs in certain areas, sure, but this will allow you more money for elsewhere. Read More

DIY your own E-Juice to Create Multiple Flavors

If you are a vaper you known how addicting it can be to continually purchase e-juice for your sub-ohm. You walk into a vape store looking for something fruity and walk out spending 100’s later on new juice.  Whether you are new to vaping or someone that has been vaping a long time, you may come across saying to yourself I wonder what this flavor would taste like, or “I wonder if I could ever create it” Once you learn to make your own e-juice creations it can be fun and exciting to experiment with new flavors.
Making your own e-cig liquid is like making a new recipe for dinner. You will need a basic starter of ingredients to get you going. You will also want to make sure you understand all the terms of what everything is and the correct ratios. Think of it as a big science experiment, if you do not know how much or what ratio it will not come out as you expected.  Read More

Staying Entertained On a Rainy Day

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Even if it’s summer, you have to expect rainy days. The UK’s weather will always keep you guessing, so it can be tough to plan things to do. You can look forward to days out or barbecues and you will check the weather in advance and despite it saying it will be sunny, there’ll be a downpour. Being prepared for bad weather isn’t always bringing a jacket or making sure you have carrier bags or an umbrella, because you will need some backup entertainment, something Netflix, Betway and Audible can provide.
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After 40 Years the Honda Accord EX Keeps Getting Better

The Accord is celebrating its forty years as the standard four door sedan for the Honda product line.  Since 2013, the Honda line has been evolving the ninth generation, and the 2016 model continues the process of evolution.    These generational changes already include being the first mainstream sedan with safety features such as lane departure warning and front collision warning on certain models of the Honda Accord. Read More

The Feature Packed 2016 Honda Odyssey SE

Families have been asking for expanding features to be put into a mini-van.  The Honda Odyssey answered their requests with a total of eight models.  The newest model, the Special Edition (SE), provides the owner’s family with many enjoyable features for the passengers and driver in this well-equipped model.  The SE model has an MSRP that is actually in the lower half of the available models, yet hosts some of the features of the higher end models.  This provides the ultimate value for the consumer at the MSRP of $33,375. Read More

Chrysler's 300 90th Anniversary Edition

Elegance has reached a new level with the 2016 Chrysler 300, 90th year edition.  The high-end 300 provides the highest level of features and enjoyment for the driver with exquisite taste.  This edition is an expansion built on top of the available feature set of 300 Limited models.  Drivers will also like the craftsmanship and sophistication of both the interior and exterior designed to provide a high end experience without the cost required of similarly manufactured vehicles. Read More

The Record Breaking 2016 Dodge Viper ACR

The ultimate sports car has returned once again in the Dodge lineup with the all-new 2016 Dodge Viper ACR.  This amazing piece of machinery has set thirteen records at road courses that include the well-known Laguna Seca.  Currently, the Viper holds more track records than any other road vehicle in the market today.  This is a far cry from the company pulling the plug on the Viper back in 2010.  It can be said that since 2012, the Viper has been back and now with a vengeance. Read More

Is the 2016 GMC Sierra Denali the Ultimate Truck?

When you purchase a truck you need it to work hard, but play harder.  You can find this combination in a 2016 GMC Sierra Denali.  Each of the features that were implemented into this model arrives from years of experience and dedication to building the perfect truck. With a 112 year history of manufacturing reliable and uncompromising trucks, GMC has managed to provide a perfect combination of solid body, excellent engine performance, dynamic ride, and a comfortable interior.
The exterior of the 2016 Sierra Denali exhibits a strong look with the signature Denali chrome grille and 20-inch wheels.  A six inch chrome assist step is articulated with power to assist individuals inside the cabin of the vehicle.  Chrome also accentuates the exhaust tips, while the exhaust outlet is polished stainless steel.  The spray on bed liner has a three dimensional Denali logo that is completely installed by the factory.  Body color front and rear bumpers finish off the stylish look of the vehicle. Read More