Staying Entertained On a Rainy Day

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Even if it’s summer, you have to expect rainy days. The UK’s weather will always keep you guessing, so it can be tough to plan things to do. You can look forward to days out or barbecues and you will check the weather in advance and despite it saying it will be sunny, there’ll be a downpour. Being prepared for bad weather isn’t always bringing a jacket or making sure you have carrier bags or an umbrella, because you will need some backup entertainment, something Netflix, Betway and Audible can provide.

Watching a film or catching up on a TV series is always an option for a rainy day, but relying on what is on your television at the time can be unreliable. Luckily, streaming sites have you covered. With a Netflix account then you’ll always be able to find something to watch. The site is updated regularly and there’s a wide variety of things to enjoy. You can spend your rain filled afternoon watching some old favourites or experiencing TV shows that you’re heard of and have been meaning to check out. You’ll never watch everything, so you’ll always have something to do when the weather goes bad.


Whatever you do on a rainy day can still be pretty slow paced but there are options to liven things up. If you check out you can play online blackjack, poker and slots. Casino games can always bring excitement and tension, so when you have a whole host of games to play against real people, things will be eventful. You can put real money on the outcomes of each game, so what started off as a boring day at home could end up being a huge money winning experience. You can check out and play Betway on a browser or with the app, on your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone row whatever.


Another option for a dull day at home is do some reading and Audible can provide everything you need. Rather than sitting down and reading a book, Audible lets you listen to thousands of audiobooks. There is more than you could ever listen to available, so you’ll always find something to fit your mood. You could combat the rainy day by listening to an exciting novel or you could keep things relaxing by learning something new from a non-fiction book. The fact you listen to the book rather than reading it means you can sit back and relax even easier or do something else, giving you complete freedom and enjoyment.

However the weather screws up your plans, just remember that there are plenty of ways to have fun on a rainy day.



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