You Can Do A Luxury Vacation On A Budget. Here’s How!


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Luxury holidays, vacations and adventures shouldn’t just be a privilege for the rich and famous. We should get to experience them also, even if we are working to a budget!

Don’t think that just because your budget is lower than you might like that you can’t afford a luxury holiday. Indeed, there are lots of ways you can save money! Whether you’re heading to a close-by USA destination or further afield, it is possible. You will need to save costs in certain areas, sure, but this will allow you more money for elsewhere.

Let’s look at how you can do a luxury vacation on a budget. Here’s how!

Go out of season!

A simple and easy trick to get more for your money is by going out of peak season. Say you’re going to Vietnam. Flights may be more expensive when the weather is dry and warm, which is typically January through March. However, you may not be going for the sun, and instead just want to see all the sights without many crowds. Then go when the weather is wet or not so warm. The savings will spread right across your holiday. You will find flights are cheaper, so you can afford to upgrade to business class. You will find hotels and accommodation on off-peak rates, so you can afford to upgrade to a suite. As for activities, they may be offered on a reduced rate to entice tourists in. You can take advantage of all of these things!

Be smart to sales!

Luxury vacations on a budget can be made a reality with the presence of one simple word. Sale! Whether it’s business class to Asia on sale, a five nights stay for the price of four or something else, these deals are out there. You just have to find them. The best way to do this is to start looking early. This means you have loads of time to trawl through websites, forums, and social media. Ask on Twitter and Facebook if anyone knows of any good deals. And once you find them, snap them up. They are almost always only available in limited quantities. It may just be the first ten seats of a flight that are on sale, for example. As you can’t afford to hang around, make sure you have access to your funds. That way, once you find the best deal, you can secure it for yourself. Don’t quite have enough? Ask providers if they will accept a deposit instead, with full payment to follow at a later date.

Go to a less obvious place

Sure, there are some places in the world that scream luxury in just one photograph. However, these are also often the most expensive places to go. Instead, think outside the box. Say you’re going on your honeymoon and want somewhere really romantic. The Maldives and Seychelles are beautiful yes. But there are also some less expensive European destinations well worthy of your time. Just take a look at Lake Bled in Slovenia if you need proof!


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