4 Ways to Deter Burglars and Keep Your Home Safe

When you own a home or are renting, you want to make sure that the property is kept safe. There are all of your possessions in there that you want to look after. Not to mention the most important people that live in the home. There are memories to take care of and other things that can’t be replaced. So how can we check that our homes are as safe as they can be? It is all very well having things in place, but you want to have deterrents in place too. Then the chances of a burglary or attack are reduced even more.

Door and Window Locks

One good way to put off burglars is to make the way they may enter a home look difficult. The chances are that they will enter the home through windows or doors. One good way to put them off even trying to break in is by having visible locks on these. For doors, that is fairly straightforward. For windows, think about having double glazing done if you don’t already. They have visible looks and look much sturdier. They will be a great deterrent.



Alarm System

Having an alarm system fitted is a great way to deter any break-ins. Alarm systems have a piece that is fitted to the wall outside. If there is any chance of sounding an alarm when they break in, they are much less likely to do it. Why would they even attempt it if it will alarm the police right away? So getting an alarm system fitted is a must. There are a lot of types of system available these days. A website like securigard.ch can show you what is available.

Think About Lighting

Adjusting the lighting outside your home is a great deterrent for burglars. If you don’t already have a light outside that is motion activated, then it is a great idea to do that. Get them for the front of the home, as well as the back. Then you can be alerted if someone is getting close. A burglar is likely just to run off if a light just switches on. One other thing to consider for the inside of your home could be a lighting timer. You plug it into your light, and it will make the light come on at certain times of the day. This is a great thing if you are away on vacation, to make it look like you are in the home. It will help to put off any burglars if they think that you are home. They will sell these kinds of timers at most home department stores or a site like belkin.com.


If you are clever about where you put your possessions, they are much less likely to be stolen. If by any chance a burglar gets in, you don’t want it to be easy for them to find your things. Don’t be the person that has jewelry in the drawers by their bed. Most thieves know to look there. Be more creative with the hiding spots for your things.


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