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There’s always some home improvement job that needs doing in your house, and sometimes it is easier and cheaper to go it alone and do it yourself. Many jobs are perfectly safe to do yourself, and you can usually get all the supplies you’ll need from a local hardware store. Some jobs, however, are best left to the professionals. Before you start on that next project, have a look through the following list of tasks that are safe, and which need an expert’s touch.


Painting is a relatively straightforward job, and not a lot can go wrong. Take care when choosing your paint colour, and try a few testers out before committing to one. When you’ve picked a colour, make sure you have all the equipment you’re going to need prepped and laid out before you start working. Move as much out of the room as possible, and cover remaining furniture and carpets with dust sheets. If you forget to to cover your carpets you may need to call a carpet cleaning company. Use a brush to go around the edging of the room first, then cover large areas with rollers. Most paints will need a couple of layers, so give enough time for each to dry before starting on the next.

Building Work

Some minor building work can be done yourself if you feel competent enough. But unless you have some experience, check with a local builder before knocking down walls or taking on too much. If in doubt, always get a professional in. Call around and get quotes from a few companies, and ask for recommendations from neighbours and people in the local areas.



Tidying up the garden and doing some landscaping can be done yourself. Trimming shrubs and de-weeding make a big difference in the garden’s appearance, so take it a bit at a time. For larger jobs, like felling and trimming trees, try a company like Discount Tree Service. Removing trees can be difficult and dangerous, so speak to the experts.


New Appliances

Installing new appliances can be relatively simple, depending on what appliances they are. Coffee machines, fridges and tumble driers are pretty straight forward, but dishwashers and washing machines can involve some plumbing. Most stores offer an installation service if you’re unsure, better to leave it to the experts than risk damaging your news goods.



Basic plumbing can be managed, such as fitting a new bath or fixing a minor leak. But any major leaks or new systems need a professional. Damaging something will just create larger bills down the line, so it’s best to call a plumber in for this.


Gas and Electrics

Gas and electrics must not be attempted by yourself. It is the law in many places that you must be certified before doing any work, and it is simply not worth the risk to try yourself. Gas and electrical work can be dangerous and have an impact on your family and even neighbours homes. Electrical sockets must be checked over and pass tests before use. And boilers must be installed by professional gas engineers before they’re turned on.

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