The Pros And Cons Of A Basement For Your Home


Basement conversions are becoming a popular way of renovating your home. Many people are choosing to take an old basement, and turn it into something spectacular. Bearing that in mind, is a basement conversion a good idea for your property? In this piece, I’ll talk you through some of the pros and cons of this idea.


More Room In Your House

Undoubtedly the best benefit of a basement conversions is that it adds space to your home. You’re getting additional space to convert into one or two rooms. This means your family can live more comfortably, and not feel cramped. It’s a great idea for families that need extra space and don’t want to move house.

Adds Value To Your Property

Basement conversions will also give your property value a boost. People like to buy houses with any form of practical conversion done to them. This is mainly because of the point I raised above; they offer you more space. Potential buyers are getting more rooms that offer functionality. It’s much better than leaving your basement as storage space

Doesn’t Damage The Aesthetics

The problem some people have with extensions is that they damage the aesthetics of the home. It can be hard to make an extension blend in with the rest of your home. But, you can avoid this issue by extending into your basement. Convert your boring basement into a few new rooms, and you have a nice extension. To make things even better, it’s hidden away under the house, so won’t damage the look of your home.



They Can Flood

One con with basements is that they can be prone to flooding. Seeing as they’re below ground level, it’s easy for moisture to get in. In times where it rains heavily, quite a lot of people complain that their basement is flooded. However, this problem can be easily reversed with good basement waterproofing. If you can keep your basement dry, then you’ll have no problems during rainy seasons.

Another Room To Look After

For some people, a basement is more of a burden than a blessing. Although they offer you more space, they can be a problem. Some people see them as just another room to look after. One more room in your house for you to clean and maintain. It can be a bit of an issue, especially for people in big homes.

They Cost Money

The obvious negative with basements is that they cost money. You have to pay to have it converted, and it may be too much for some. Although, there is the argument that it’s way cheaper than buying a new home. However, for some people, the price is just a bit too much. My advice is to have a look at your financial situation, get some quotes, and see if you can afford it.


And, there you have it, these are the pros and cons of a basement for your home. If you feel like the pros outweigh the cons, then maybe this will be your next awesome home improvement!


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