A Family Home Takes Years To Get Right, But Moments To Feel Like Home


take years, even decades. That sounds like a faintly terrifying thought, especially if you’ve just moved in, but hold on. While making it perfect takes time, you can’t expect it to be perfect right out of the gate. It can be more than wonderful in the meantime. Until you’ve lived in it for a year or more you don’t know how it handles each season and the changes they bring.

What you can certainly work on is making the house reflect you and giving it the chance to feel like home. For some people this happens the moment they walk through the door, but they’re lucky. Others have to work at it. When a place feels like home, you’re happier to have visitors, spend family time there and mold it into something. That could be a place you can sell for a profit, or somewhere you’d happily pass on to your kids.

It Needs To Be Secure, But Not Intimidating



There is no doubt that home security is one of the greatest priorities for homeowners. Although statistically not common, burglary is something that we are all going to worry about. You want to deter burglars from even trying, and make it hard for them if they do. At the same time you want to be able to look out and see something more than a wall. Chain link fencing works, as it is sturdy but still allows you to see out, and allows the garden to have more light.

It Needs To Be Durable Without Being Boring

A house will stand up to extremes of weather – location allowing, of course. It can go from freezing cold, snow and rain to baking hot sun, and needs to handle the reactions that building materials have to those extremes. At the same time, you don’t want it to look plain and functional. If it needs a lick of paint every once in a while, or some ornamentation to make it feel like you, then go for it.

It Needs To Adapt To Comings And Goings



The perfect family home will have more than a couple of bedrooms, as there needs to be at least one for the adults and some for kids. Now, kids can share rooms of course, but put too many in one room and it will never really be clean. You need to also be ready for one kid to leave home for college or for a new one to be born.

You may need to be ready for your son or daughter to move in with their new spouse for at least a while, as they may not be ready to buy a home themselves. To handle all of this, you need a house that is versatile, which can deal with adding and taking away and still feel like home.


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