Essential Checks To Make In Your Home Before You Go On Vacation!


We are so busy packing for our vacation that we tend to forget about sorting out our home. But you need to make sure that everything is safe before you leave the home so that you still have a house still standing when you get back! Here are some essential checks to make in your home before you go on vacation.




Check all devices are switched off

To protect your home from a fire, it’s essential that you turn off all devices before you leave the home. You don’t want to leave a computer or television plugged in and then cause damage to the property because of a power surge. After all, plugged in devices for long periods could cause an electrical fire while you’re away. In fact, the majority of electric fires are caused by electrical products. Therefore, you need to ensure everything is unplugged before you go on holiday. As well as keeping your home safe, unplugging devices will ensure you aren’t wasting electric!



Check the lock on your gate
You also need to ensure the lock on your gate is secure so nobody can get in while you are away. A lot of the time that is where burglars will head first when they are trying to break into your home. If they can get through the gate easily, your home could be at risk, and you might come home to find items have been stolen. Therefore, try the lock and ensure the mechanism is still working. If it isn’t any good, make sure you replace the lock before going away. You may want to get the whole gate replaced if it’s falling apart. You can look online to find the best colorbond gate for your property.



Check the fire and burglar alarm is working

A huge percentage of people don’t check their fire alarm regularly. But it’s so important if you want to protect your home from fires. Therefore, you must check your fire alarm before you head away on your travels. That way, you can be rest assured that one of your neighbors will be altered if there is a fire in your property. They will be able to call the fire brigade to come and deal with it before it ruins any your belongings.  You need also to check your burglar alarm before going away. You don’t want an intruder to get in and out without anyone knowing they were there. And as we discussed before, an alarm is a visual that will put people off!

Check heaters are switched to low or off

You need to make sure you turn your heaters off or on low before you go away. For one thing, it can stop wasted gas and electric being used which will break the bank. But it can also keep the home safe. If something went wrong with the heater while you are away, you could end up with a fire in the home. Therefore, keep the heaters on low or off when you go on holiday.

You may also want to set a timer for your light when you go away. That way, people will not know your home is empty for a week or two.


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