How to manage space in a small bathroom


 If we exclude bedroom, bathroom is probably the most used room in our home. We do not even realize how much time it takes for putting make-up, taking showers and performing other hygienic necessities. At the same time, this is the room where we like to come and relax and perhaps the only place in our home where we are completely alone.
For some people, having a small bathroom doesn’t represent any problem. However, there is much more for those who would prefer having more space, a bigger bathtub and additional cupboards and cabinets where they can place all their cosmetic products.
Luckily for us, there are numerous ways we can address this issue. At the same time, even if you have a small bathroom, that doesn’t mean it needs to look bad. Instead, you are able to apply various tricks which will provide more space to your bathroom without losing its charm.

1. Focus on one object
When designing a bathroom, we usually focus on overall theme. Like with any other part of the house, this is the best option. If you have a small bathroom, there is a high risk that it will look bad regardless of your efforts. But, there are other tricks which can be used to improve interior design. Instead of putting emphasis on a bathroom as a whole (which is most likely cluttered), try focusing on one item. This way, your guests are less likely to notice limited space within it. Mirror is always a good choice. People have a habit of looking themselves in a mirror as soon as they step in a bathroom. If it’s big, with a nice frame, they are less likely to notice the rest of the room. Same goes with the shower. It takes largest space within this room. Clean, chic shower will attract enough attention.

2. Create symmetry
Bathrooms are notorious for the fact that they lack any symmetry. This is to be expected given that we only need a limited number of things within it. You will usually have one cabinet, one toilet bowl, one sink etc. However, it is possible to create some kind of order. By using symmetric lighting, you are able to use 4 or 6 smaller lights and equally distribute them across the room. Same can be done with a shower curtain. If your shower permits this, you can stretch curtain from one wall to another. You can install multiple wall shelves facing each other. This is an amazing way to introduce some symmetry which will distract viewer from noticing lack of space.
3. There is no room for spare items in a small bathroom
People are usually led by convenience. When we use a bathroom, we like to have everything close by. This way, we don’t have to look around the house for spare soaps, deodorants, shower gels etc. This is an enormous mistake if you have limited space at your disposal. If you have a storage room, make sure to put all these additional products there. It doesn’t matter if they are close to food or anything else; this is only our personal perception and it doesn’t have anything to do with functionality. We love to keep all chemical products in one place, away from our groceries. But, as long as the product is unopened, it doesn’t pose any kind of a hazard. In case that you don’t have any spare room, try to avoid purchasing in advance. As for the make-up, you can always keep in your bedroom, in a separate drawer.
4. Place your shelves high
Like with any other room, ceiling and upper areas are completely underutilized. You cannot allow this to happen if you are that constricted with space. Shelves should be placed high above your head. In comparison to ground level objects as well as the cupboard, there is no way to stumble on shelves. Additionally, if you wish to have even more practical solution, you can use jars which are attached directly to the wall. This way, you are making sure to have enough space and yet, you are able to get the necessary items without any struggle.


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