Do you have psychic abilities?


Do you have psychic abilities?

    Have you ever felt as if someone is watching you? As if you have out of the body experience which you cannot explain? If that is the case, you are probably psychic.
    There are numerous psychic abilities known to man and they can appear at any time and in various forms. Usually, they are genetically transferred from parent to a child but they can also be a product of hard work. Simply put, some individuals have affinity to see the worlds beyond own and with some practice, they are able to enhance those skills.
    Here are some of the most common psychic abilities.

1.    Talking to the dead
How many times have you seen in movies group of people, holding hands, trying to summon a dead spirit? But, did you know that this is actually possible? Talking with the dead or mediumship is ability to converse with the dead. Basically, it can be done by one person but it requires additional individuals as a support and to write down information. During the process, body of the psychic is invaded by the dead spirit. Sometimes, he only hears the lines and transfers them to the rest of the group.

2.    Remote viewing
Some people are able to see faraway places without ever visiting them. Furthermore, they are able to see hidden objects and other things not observable by a normal mind. This is called remote viewing. It is a capability of perceiving far away locations and witnessing events which are happening in current time.

3.    Drowsing
This is a process during which talented individual is able to use an object (such as drowsing stick), in order to find water and other valuables buried in ground. Even though this is something that looks scientific at the first glance, it is pretty much connected to a psychic ability. Individual is able to sense things within the ground and track them.

4.    Scrying
Scrying is another ability which is oftentimes shown in movies and series. It is an ability that uses a crystal object (most commonly a crystal ball) to foresee future. It is often called fortune telling. Nevertheless, it does require an object in which the psychic person can look into while searching for answers.

5.    Divination
This psychic skill is very similar to previously mentioned scrying. In fact, the main difference is that divination has a much more formal, social form. Since the beginning of time, people were using bones, runes and other objects to peer into their future. Ceremony was usually performed by tribal shamans and other individuals of high psychic potential. In time, divination changed its form. Nowadays, psychic people are much more into foreseeing the future trough process of scrying.

6.    Levitation
Here is another ability which is oftentimes seen in superhero movies. Simply put, levitation is the ability to float above the ground. Someone might think that flying and levitation are the same thing but they are not. Levitation is usually close to the ground; individual is unable to soar into the sky like a bird. It requires a lot of concentration and mental power.

7.    Astral projection
If you are a psychic person and if you often meditate, you might have felt as if you are going places during meditation. This is known as projecting yourself. There are other plains of existence beyond our own. One of them is astral. Those who are psychic are able to detach their spirit from body and roam this other plain of existence without any bond.

These are just some of the psychic abilities that a person may experience. The list goes on and on. Anyway, those who are talented may exhibit more than one of these talents. As we previously mentioned, psychic abilities are connected to practice. Like most other things in life, you may be talented and have natural predisposition to use them. However, without practice, they most likely won’t manifest or at least won’t manifest in its entirety.


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