Are You Scared Of Skiing? Get The Low Down And Brave The Snow This Winter




Have you never skied before but that fresh mountain air and white powder snow are tempting you to try? It can be a daunting challenge to undertake if you’re a complete beginner. Especially as an adult! But once you’ve mastered the sport, you’ll see how addictive it can be. Let’s break down everything you need to know about beginner’s skiing, so you feel less daunted when you take that first leap off the ski lift. And be sure to check out the travel section of my blog for lots of tips on hassle free journeys.


Is Skiing Hard?


In a nutshell, it is hard. But only in the beginning stages. Once you’ve mastered the skill of skiing, it’s as easy as tying your shoelaces. It’s the learning part that can be frustrating, as you’ll have to stay on the baby slopes while you train. If you are skiing for the first time, it is highly advisable to invest in lessons. Why not rent a chalet somewhere like Mont Tremblant for a week or two and enjoy an intensive course of lessons? You’ll learn the basic manoeuvres of how to turn, stop, slow down and ride the ski lifts in the first couple of days.  You’ll stay on the flat nursery slopes while you practice getting your balance. Not only can you learn to ski somewhere like Mont Tremblant but you can also enjoy other activities such as snowmobiling, dog sledding and ice-skating.


What Equipment Do I Need?


You will need skis, poles and ski boots. Best not to buy expensive pieces of equipment at first just incase you don’t like it. You will be able to hire the skiing equipment you need at your resort. But you will need to be fitted properly for your ski boots and skis so it is highly unadvisable to borrow anyone else’s. You’ll also need a waterproof ski jacket and ski pants. Probably better to buy these items than borrow them! You’ll also need to get some ski goggles to protect you against snow and wind. And without fail, you must always wear a ski helmet. There will be a lot of falling over when you first start. And a pro skier on the way down may knock you over too. Protecting your head is the most important thing when skiing. Buy a helmet before you travel and make sure to get it fitted properly. Also, don’t forget warm ski layers, gloves and appropriate skiing sun balm. Ever seen people with goggle burn? It’s not a good look! And remember if you choose to go it alone without an instructor, never actually ski alone. Always buddy up with someone, for safety reasons.


What Is Après Ski?
And one of the best things about a skiing vacation? Of course, it’s the après ski. Après ski is the activities that go on in the resort after ski time is over. Resort entertainment is often lively, always magical and certainly fun. You’ll enjoy candlelit bars, movie nights, late dinners, pool houses and lots of dancing. There will also be afternoon drinks on sunlit terraces surrounded by fondue, raclette, hot chocolate and spiced wine. You can also enjoy massages to soothe those aching muscles and a hot tub and steam to relax after a day of lessons.


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