Blow Your Home Trumpet! – Letting Potential Buyers Know Your Property’s USPs


We are all aware that moving home is one of the most stressful life events that can happen. But what about selling your present property before you move to the next one? That can be pretty stressful too. All you want is a quick sale you can get on with the move. So how can you achieve this? One way is to make sure that you identify and advertise all the USPs of your property to its potential buyers. Read on to find out more.


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Identifying your Home USPs

USPs or unique selling points are the things that will make a potential buyer choose your home instead of all the others on the market. They tend to be things that the buyer can relate to and see being a part of their own lives.


Before you put your home on the market, your first job is to identify your homes USPs. Talk a walk around your home and garden and list anything that is an attractive or unique feature. Things like pergolas, swimming pools or conservatories are USPs, especially if the other houses on your stress don’t have them. Pointing these out shows the potential buyer that they are getting a good investment for their money.


Remember, don’t be shy in highlighting that you have used top quality companies to complete any extensions or work in your home. Using a respected name like Australian Outdoor Living pergola designs in the home information pack is helpful. This is because it will inspire confidence in the quality of the work that has been done.


Estate Agents

The next job is to call in the Estate Agents. A good Estate Agent will be on the ball and look for the USP of your home so that they can market effectively to potential buyers. Your list of USPs is helpful here, and you should refer to them as you give your Agent the tour. Also, make sure that they take quality pictures of any points you are mentioning to go in the home details pack for potential buyers.


Remember to keep an open mind too. Estate Agents do this sort of thing for a career, so take the ir advice. They might see other USPs that you have missed like potential planning permission for a loft or basement conversion.

They might also disagree with some of the items you have listed as a USP. So, if they say that the half demolished wall in the living room doesn’t make it an airy, open plan space? Its best to listen to them, or you risk being red-faced when potential buyers come to view the property.

Potential Buyers

Talking of potential buyers, if you and your Agent have done you job well, you should soon be inundated with viewers. Don’t be afraid of taking them on a tour of your home, which will allow you to point out the USPs, which will help you clinch the sale. Just remember to allow them some time on their own without you as well.


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