Save Your Belongings After A Flood With These Effective Methods


Whether caused by a burst pipe or bad weather, a flood is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. As well as worrying about where your family is going to stay, you also have to consider the contents of your home. It can be heartbreaking to see your furniture and belongings submerged in water. Many homeowners believe that once these items are wet, they are ruined, which can be deeply upsetting. But thankfully, this is not necessarily the case. With some quick action and these methods to help you, you may be able to salvage more than you think.




Create a dry area

As soon as you are able to return to your home, you need to create an area where your belongings can begin to dry out. This could be in your yard or in a neighbor’s home who hasn’t been affected by the flooding.  Ideally, this area needs to be cool and dry, while also having some shelter from the weather. You might want to cover the floor with sheets to stop your belongings from sticking or becoming dirty. Once this area has been prepared, start removing items from your property. This quicker you do this the better, but remember that water can make certain items such as paperwork very fragile.
Use fans


Fans are fabulous devices that can help dry out larger items such as sofas and cabinets. You can buy fans online and from most home improvement stores. Friends and family may also have fans you can borrow. These need to be positioned around your furniture and moved every so often to ensure every inch is being dried out. As well as using fans, also open windows and doors to allow a breeze to enter your home too. This is a process that should not be rushed as this can cause further damage to your possessions. Never try to separate papers, take out drawers or remove dirt while your belongings are still wet. Wait until they are completely dried out.
Call in the experts


Not many homeowners realize that there are services out that that specialize in the restoration of items affected by floods. So instead of throwing items away it can be worthwhile to get an expert opinion first. Search for complete contents restoration services online for quotes and advice on what they can repair and restore. This can range from furniture to paperwork to art work. The experts who work for these companies may need to see the extent of the damage to your belongings before giving a quote. To do this, take plenty of clear photographs or invite them to your home to see them items in person. With their expertise and skill, items you thought were beyond saving could be given a new lease of life.
While it may not be possible to save all of your belongings, knowing what to do can increase the chance of their survival significantly. It can save you time, money and heartache over having to replace treasured items once the floods have ceased.


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