Surprising Food-Tastic Ways To Make Cooking Healthier For Your Family


It’s more important than ever to make sure our family are eating healthy in their life. After all, one in three kids is now overweight or obese in the states. And then they struggle to lose the weight as they enter their adulthood. It leads to problems with their heart and kidneys as they age. Therefore, it’s so important as parents that we show them the best ways to stay healthy when they are young. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring they have a healthy diet. Additionally, you need to ensure you are using the best methods when preparing food to keep them healthy. Here are some food-tastic ways to make cooking healthier for your family.

Cut down on the use of microwaves
In the current world, it’s so easy for people to stick a meal in the microwave to cook for a few moments. In fact, over 90% of families in the US have a microwave in the home. After all, it’s such an efficient way to cook parts of our dinner. However, when we cook in the microwave, it often removes any goodness which is in the meal. The heating in the microwave can often strip any original nutrients which were in the food. Research has found that essential vitamins such as B-12 in milk are lost after microwave exposure. Also, studies have found that people who eat more meals in the microwave had less red blood cells. Therefore, next time you go to use the microwave to cook those vegetables, it might be best to unplug it and use the oven instead. It will only take a few minutes to cook them on the hob, and it’s much better for your family’s health!




Use healthier pans for cooking


You might not realize that the pans you are currently using for cooking might be making your family unhealthier. A lot of the aluminum cookware you can buy could be causing you to have bad stomachs from the toxic materials. As well as this, some of the copper cookware you use might be causing you to have exposure to copper toxicity. Therefore, you need to be super careful when choosing the safest non stick cookware to use your family. You want one which has no harmful chemicals which will be released on your food and could make your family ill.


Use fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden
A lot of the fruit and vegetables that we buy from the store are not the healthiest for us. Some of them have encountered pesticides which can be absorbed by fruit and vegetables. Additionally, the food may have started to mould when we buy them and then when consumed by our kids, it could make them poorly. Therefore, a lot of families are going organic to ensure their family stay healthy. You could buy from your local farmer’s market to ensure you have healthy fruit and vegetables. Or you could even grow your fruit and vegetables in the garden. That way, you know they are completely fresh and healthy for your family. Also, growing your own fruit and veg is very rewarding and therapeutic if you are stressed out. Therefore, start growing in your garden and reap the benefits!


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Avoid using oils when cooking
You might be surprised how many people don’t think about the cooking oil they are using when making food. After all, we tend to add some oil before the food, so that it doesn’t stick to the pan. But, as discussed in this article, oils such as extra-virgin olive oil is a crazy 120 calories per tablespoon. Therefore, when you are cooking on the stovetop, you need to try and use the least amount of oil as possible. You could try using avocado or coconut oil which are both a lot healthier for your family. They are slightly more expensive than the other oils, but will keep your family healthy. Also, remember to get a non-stick pan then you won’t need to add oil anyway!




Keep the oven at a lower heat


A lot of us put the food in the oven and then turn it to the highest temperature to ensure it cooks quickly. But research has found that food which is cooked at a high temperature can cause more tissue damage than foods cooked at a lower temp. It can even strip the food we are cooking of its natural nutrients. Therefore, next time you try and turn the oven to its highest point, don’t do it! Stick to 180-200 celsius to ensure the food stays healthy once cooked! Also, the same thing applies to when you are cooking on the hob. Don’t turn it to the highest point as the food will be overcooked and unhealthy for your family.


Don’t stick to packaged foods

We know how easy it is to buy a packaged curry or pizza when it comes to food shopping. But they are often full of bad fats and high salt which will make your family unhealthy. When you are cooking your own food, you can control how much of each food group such as fat goes into the dish. You can also control food portion so that your family don’t end up eating too much. Therefore, start cooking your own meals to ensure your family all stay healthy for longer.

Always check the dates before using food items

It’s so essential that you are checking the dates of food before you start cooking with them. Otherwise, you could end up cooking items that have already gone out of date. It could mean your family end up getting sick because of your cooking! Therefore, regularly go through the fridge and freezer and ensure you get rid of food that is well past their sell-by date. That way, you can ensure your family stay healthy in the home.

You could even invest in a blender for your kitchen. It’s essential to create delicious and healthy smoothies and soup for your family!




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