Update Your Home! Six Ways To Modernise Your Space Without Breaking The Bank

It’s hard to know how to redecorate these days. It often feels like a daunting task as you look around your home and wonder how to do it while still being able to afford a great family Christmas, or next year’s summer vacation. This means that your home is often the part of your life that’s left neglected. But there are ways that you can update it while not cutting into the rest of your savings! Read on for some top tips.
Keep Your Colors Neutral
Keep the basic color scheme of each room neutral – the floors, walls, and carpet should all be in a shade of white, cream, beige or brown. This means that it’s easier to update the rest of the room when you want to. You can change accent pillows on your couch, rugs on the floor and lampshades, to create seemingly completely different styles and color schemes whenever you want if you have that neutral base to work with. Read More

Wash That Man Right Out Of Your Hair: How To Bounce Back After A Breakup

Trying to come to terms with a breakup can be extremely hard. And if the split was a messy one, the aftermath isn’t going to be too pretty at all. So there is no wonder that some girls find it hard to get their lives back on track. It can be a lot more tempting to stay at home each night with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in front of a weepy movie rather than hit the dating scene again. Read More

Make Delicious Coffee Creations with Ninja Coffee Bar System Holiday Guide 2016

If you love coffee as much as I do Ninja Coffee Bar System may be one of the best kitchen appliances to have. I recently pooreceived my Ninja Coffee Bar System  and I as I expected this unit is phenomenal. If you have the regular Ninja Coffee Brewer then you will know it only has three brew settings such as classic, rich and over ice. Ninja Coffee Bar stepped it up a couple notches and added specialty brew and cafe forte. I will get into what those brews are shortly.
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Want A More Picture Perfect Home? Take Note Of These Ideas For Creating One!

Have you ever scrolled through a magazine and come across the most beautiful home? A lot of people presume that having a picture perfect home isn’t achievable, especially when life is so hectic. However, transforming your home into a beautiful, picture perfect space is doable. It’s not a case of making big changes either; it’s just about taking the time to take care of your home and keep it in good shape. Read More

Environmental Awareness Starts at the Top – Challenges in Education

 Environmental Awareness Starts at the Top – Challenges in Education

One of the major problems many parents and educators have with the educational system in the United States as well as abroad is in the area of environmental awareness. More and more it is becoming obvious that many schools throughout the world merely pay lip service to the environmental issues they are teaching about, doing little to alter the status quo. It’s the age old “Do as I say, not as I do” that children rebel against, and it is no different for students of any age, in any level of their academic career.

Leading by Example

Educational institutions are requiring students learn about ecological issues, but are doing little to bring about those changes on a local level within their own institutions. The point is, if you intend to make a difference in the future through those minds you are helping to shape, it’s imperative that you act in a way that is in keeping with what you are teaching. Practice what you preach.
Graduate students of Maryville University in the online doctor of education in higher education leadership program understand full well the need to be an example of how to make an environmental impact – and make it part of their mission to be that example. Even studying for an online EDD degree is one way of reducing our carbon footprint, and a good example of how to reduce the amount of fossil fuels personally consumed in the course of a day.

Balancing Budgets with Needs

However, sometimes there is little which can be done on a local level because a college board of directors or a local school board has few budgetary funds available to institute upgrades to existing infrastructure. Most schools simply don’t have the funds to go green in areas where it really counts. It is the hope of most universities that their graduates with a higher education leadership degree can carry this need forward to those in a position to make funds available.
That’s what leadership is about, even though affecting change may be an arduous task. As an administrator it is up to you to move mountains if you are to justify teaching environmental issues and awareness. Educational institutions and county school boards need to find ways to make changes or another generation will be lost in the efforts to move forward.

The Clock Is Ticking

The clock is ticking and soon there will be no time left to make the necessary changes before irreversible damage is done and many life forms will not be able to survive. It is up to educators and governing bodies to set that example, even if only in baby steps initially. You can’t expect an entire generation of students to believe what you are teaching if you are not living those fundamentals. Conservation either matters or it doesn’t. Sustainability either matters or it doesn’t. If it does and if you are trying to make a difference, then it will show and your message will get across to those who need to hear it. If it doesn’t matter to you, personally, why bother to teach it? A definite contradiction in terms because environmental awareness really does start at the top.

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Taking The Stress Out Of Moving: How To Get Organized In Your New Home

No matter what, moving is always going to be stressful. However, a lot of people make the mistake of presuming the moving itself is the stressful part. However, that’s not the case, or at least, not normally.
The most stressful part of moving house tends to be unpacking and getting organized in your new home. You see, when it comes to packing up your old home, you’ve got weeks to prepare, giving you plenty of time to get everything sorted. However, when you arrive at your new home, you’ve got to tackle everything at once, hence the stress.
With that in mind, below are some tips and ideas for helping to make it a little easier to get your new home organized. This means being practical about your unpacking, taking the time to deal with any admin, and making your new property feel like home.
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The 2017 Dodge Durango Provides Muscle and Comfort

Finding a modern SUV with the ability to carry seven passengers is not a common occurrence in the automotive industry.  The Dodge Durango provides this ability plus an incredible amount of customization of packages for the consumer. This provides an excellent balance of performance, comfort, and features to provide an excellent user experience depending upon the consumer’s budget. Read More