Give Your Attic The Attention It Deserves To Create A Room You Love


Attics can be full of nostalgia. They can be full of dust and cobwebs. They can also be full of nooks and crannies that give attics that wonderful atmosphere. If you’re looking for a way to fall in love with the space at the top of your house, then why not turn your attention toward the attic? It can still retain all that wonderful character, but become a lot less creepy!


One of the biggest problems with attics is pests. It may be wasps, rats, mice, or even possums. If you’re looking for a rat cleanup service, do your homework. You need a company that is licensed to operate in your area and works with systems that aren’t harmful to your family. Once your attic is clear of pests, you can start to clean it up and design your space.
Most attics are boarded out, but if you want to put furniture up there, you may need a more substantial floor. It’s worth getting a trusted builder in to have a look at the space. Windows are essential if you’re going to use the room as a living or sleeping space. Make sure they are high-quality windows that can be opened for ventilation. Your access to the space will need to be altered if it doesn’t meet local fire safety or building regulations.



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Of course, not everybody wants to go through the time and trouble of building works. Sometimes all you need is some simple plaster board to smooth out the rough edges and an old rug for the floor. Then you have yourself a fun space for storing your little-used items. You can create a games room with a couple of bean bags and old chairs. And an attic could be quite atmospheric for your next Halloween gathering! Upgrading your attic into something more functional can add value to your life as well as your home.


Most of us store old trunks of photos and memory boxes up in the attic. Sometimes it can be nice to sit up there with a cup of coffee and peruse all those old things you almost forgot about. If you have power up there, why not add some colorful lights and a sound system to enhance the mood and create a little atmosphere? Kitting out your attic with smart storage solutions can also help you organize your belongings. Knowing where to find things and being able to access them easily is very handy!


This part of your house should also feature on your annual maintenance schedule. Sometimes storm damage can affect the roof. Your attic will be the first space to suffer. Wiring up here should be checked, and you should ensure you have enough insulation to prevent your heat escaping during the winter months.
Taking care of your attic can open this space up to being used for storage. It can also provide you with extra living space as your family grows. You might convert it into a cool home office, or a quiet sanctuary away from the kids. What will you use your attic for?


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