Update Your Home! Six Ways To Modernise Your Space Without Breaking The Bank


It’s hard to know how to redecorate these days. It often feels like a daunting task as you look around your home and wonder how to do it while still being able to afford a great family Christmas, or next year’s summer vacation. This means that your home is often the part of your life that’s left neglected. But there are ways that you can update it while not cutting into the rest of your savings! Read on for some top tips.

Keep Your Colors Neutral

Keep the basic color scheme of each room neutral – the floors, walls, and carpet should all be in a shade of white, cream, beige or brown. This means that it’s easier to update the rest of the room when you want to. You can change accent pillows on your couch, rugs on the floor and lampshades, to create seemingly completely different styles and color schemes whenever you want if you have that neutral base to work with.


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Focus On Your Windows

A lot of the time, cheap unlined curtains can look cheap and bring your home décor down. For your window display, it’s best to invest in the highest quality you can afford. If you think your curtains might date your room or make it look smaller, try out custom made blinds. They’re often more modern and can brighten up a room.

Check Out Second Hand Lighting

Get rid of nondescript lighting features and look for interesting chandeliers and designer pieces that have had their prices slashed thanks to being not-quite-new. You can also find lamps in these stores too – they can add to your rooms by adding a warm, golden glow that’s perfect for the winter months.


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Buy Antique Furniture

You can get incredible bargains in most antiques and thrift stores. Not only will you be doing the environment a favour by investing in pre-loved pieces, but you’ll also be able to find furniture that’s unique and interesting. Use an antique piece as the focal point for your living space and follow its lead for the rest of the room. You could also take an interesting piece to be reupholstered, adding your own spin on a traditional item and enabling you to customize your furniture.

Add Silver Accessories

People often think that adding gold and gilt edged items to your living space adds an air of luxury and expensiveness but if you go over the top, the opposite effect can easily be produced and it can become quite tacky. Instead, focus on chrome and silver – this is simple and chic and will give you a very clean, polished effect.


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Keep It Clutter Free

Keeping your surfaces clear of clutter and everything clean and tidy will help to give your home that sleek, tidy look that everyone wants. Pick up vases from antiques stores and put small bunches of fresh flowers in each room, and make sure that only the items you really want are out on display, such as a treasured family photograph or a stylish thrift store ornament find.


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