5 Degrees That Almost Guarantee a Stable Career

We all want to guarantee a more stable and successful future for ourselves and our families – it’s basic human instinct. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of going to college and studying for a number of years only to find out that their career choice didn’t work out so well because they entered a field with a relatively high rate of unemployment. We all know someone who knows someone who has a degree in psychology but wound up being the manager of a fast food restaurant. If you’d like to avoid such disappointment, consider pursuing one of the following five degree types instead: Read More

Dreamworks Dinotrux Rock and Load Skate Park Holiday Guide 2016

If you are familiar with Dinotrux you would know that this series is based on an illustrated children’s book series by Chris Gall. This series features a fictional prehistoric world inhabited by characters that are part dinosaur and part construction vehicle. The television series debuted August 14, 2015 on Netflix and continues to produce series to keep your little ones entertained. If your kids love the Dinotrux series they may also love the Dinotrux toys that are out this holiday season. There is many different cute play sets and toys that are fun and will keep them entertained for hours.
With the Dinotrux Rock & Load Skate Park you can bash into boulders, load rocks, grind down the half-pipes with Ton-Ton. Ton-Ton can knock the rocks into his dumptruck by wheeling over a secret button. In addition, you can connect other sets together to amplify the excitement and fun.
Both these sets will provide hours of dinomite fun. D-Structs, the half-dinosaur, half-construction creatures features pull back motor action and rotating saw blade to show off his destructive side.
Time to have some dinner fun with with RC Ty Rux and Revvit. Ty Rux features five different play modes which will allow you to point the Revvit remote control at Ty Rux and he will follow you. In addition, in finding Revvit mode if you place the remote control within an eight-foot radius of Ty Rux he will scan the area to find his buddy Revvit. Boogie down with Ty Rux as you press the dance button. In standard RC mode Ty Rux can go forward, backward, or make a direction change by pressing the dance button. Ty Rux likes to wreck and smash at times so hold down the dance button and Ty Rux will swing his wrecking ball. Featuring over 40 sounds and phrases this Ty Rux will sure bring hours of enjoyment and entertainment for any Dinotrux fan.
You can purchase Dinotrux on amazon or ToysRUs

Vendome Beaute Cyber Monday Specials!

As a cosmetic enthusiast I want to share with all of you this great line of eyeshadows on sale now at Amazon. These eyeshadows will make the perfect stocking stuffers. The rosewater eyeshadows are for today only 40% off. You do not want to miss out with its botanical-infused color line that goes on velvety smooth. With each application you will reach high pigmentation and since it is finely milled it will give you a luxurious feel. Vendome Beaute offers 33 gorgeous shades to mix and match allowing you to create beautiful looks each and every time.  Each single eyeshadow will be 40% off original retail of $26.00 and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Sitara Collections Handcrafted Jewelry and Gifts

“Linda Singh is the Founder of Sitara Collections – a fair trade artisan retailer and wholesaler recognized for its ethically-sourced artisan handcrafted jewelry and gifts from India. It was the result of her desire to share the exceptional work of artisans in India, whose designs and creativity are seen throughout the line. Though the jewelry and gifts are rooted in traditional craftsmanship, they exude a modern sensibility. And because every piece is handmade, your purchase is the very definition of exclusive.”
I received a beautiful handcrafted Rainbow bracelet from Sitara Collections  and I am amazed how beautiful it is. I love jewelry but often have a hard time finding something I love and want to wear all the time. Read More

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry 16pc Dinnerware Set Holiday Guide 2016

Fall has quickly passed by winter has finally arrived and holly berries are now emerging into sight. I received this 16pc dinnerware set just in time for the holidays. I have always loved having a dinnerware set specifically for each time of year. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love to decorate and even though we do not have a huge family, using holiday dinnerware makes everyone have more of a holiday spirit. I am excited to use my Winterberry dinnerware this holiday.  Read More

Hammacher Schlemmer Superior Tabletop Whynter Ice Maker Holiday Guide 2016

I am an iceaholic as one could say. I have always loved to just eat ice all day long. Having an electric ice maker sure beats waiting for ice cube trays to freeze and it is also very cost effective than buying pounds of ice at the store. The Hammacher Schlemmer Tabletop Ice Maker generates conical-shaped ice cubes of 12 and produces 1.8lbs of ice per hour. Each batch takes approximately 10 minutes.
ice-maker Read More

The Cost Of Being A Homeowner. Simple Ways To Save Yourself Money

Pixabay Image
Being a homeowner can be expensive. Houses eat money in more ways than you realize. From bills to renovations, there always seems to be money going out of the bank. There’s no way to make running a home cheaper, but there are ways to make sure it’s as cheap as it can be. Taking time to plan and allocate money can take off a lot of stress, but that’s not the only thing you can do! Read More