18 Amazing Makeup Tricks


Women always try to find new ways to tweak their image, looking even more luscious. So, the next time when you sit in front of the mirror, try some of these tricks. They will do wonders for you!

  1. Refresh your face by covering it with foundation. Remove the foundation off your cheeks and start applying blush.
  2. Always use new mascara. It glides much easier and it will not flake.
  3. Pick makeup colors than are similar to your skin complexion. There is always some use for such tones and they can work as an awesome basis later down the road.
  4. Hydrate areas bellow your eyes. This will allow you to apply all other products easily afterwards.
  5. Red lips are always fashionable. They are one of the tools for any female making her look ravishing.
  6. Liquid liners are pretty tricky. However, there is a way to go around it. Use taupe eyeliner pencil to lightly trace a line above upper lash line.
  7. Fake killer cheekbones are easy to get with a bit of sculpting. Just sweep translucent shimmer powder just under your temples and along your cheekbones, and then dust a bit of a deep nude blush in the sunken area under the cheekbone while smiling.
  8. Make attractive smoky eye by lining the inner rim of your lashes so there is no gap between them and the line, then smudge the line in it and blend it upwards towards your temple.
  9. Form a bold eyebrow using the thinner side of the tip of a slightly wet, moist pencil. Short strokes should be used for shaping, same as with hair.
  10. Apply highlighter before foundation, not after, that is if you want to get that perfectly balanced skin tone, which is not too matte nor too shiny.
  11. Bronzer is a cool add-on as long as you don`t look too tacky with it. To avoid that extra layer, try to keep the bronzer from the center of your face and apply it only along the hairline.
  12. After that needless night with no sleep, if you wish to mask looking tired, use a shimmery white or pearl beige pencil on your water line to brighten up the area around your eyes.
  13. Eyelash curler will definitely make your eyes pop. And remember to curl the lashes before you put mascara on, not after.
  14. Use color balancing to make your face more distinct. Match your lip color with the color of your cheeks for double effect (you can always use one pencil as blush and lipstick at the same time).
  15. Too much glitter can be overwhelming to look at, so keep it at the center of the eye and combine it with matte shade on the rest of the eyelid. If your eyes are shiny, then consider not applying glitter to your cheekbones or brow bones.
  16. To make foundation look smooth and well-blended, use your fingers. They allow you to apply it as a moisturizer.
  17. If you dislike the taste of lip gloss but you still want to look fabulous, dab some yellow, gold or silver pigment on the center of the lips towards inside, you will get fantastic glossy effect.
  18. Mix two drops of argan oil with your foundation to get your skin well-moist and perfectly reflecting light.


Nick Stoyanov is a copywriter and content strategist at Hollywood Mirrors – a family run business established in 2005 by a mother and son team. One of company’s most popular products are their lighted mirrors which bring Hollywood glamour to people’s homes.

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