5 Degrees That Almost Guarantee a Stable Career


We all want to guarantee a more stable and successful future for ourselves and our families – it’s basic human instinct. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of going to college and studying for a number of years only to find out that their career choice didn’t work out so well because they entered a field with a relatively high rate of unemployment. We all know someone who knows someone who has a degree in psychology but wound up being the manager of a fast food restaurant. If you’d like to avoid such disappointment, consider pursuing one of the following five degree types instead:

1. Nurse Practitioner Doctorate Degree

Even a bachelor’s degree in nursing will put you in a field that enjoys an unemployment rate as low as 2.2%. However, if you truly want to guarantee a high-paying position for yourself, you might as well look into online doctoral nursing programs like the one at Bradley University, which would allow you to study for your nurse practitioner doctorate degree in your spare time. With the world experiencing such a major nursing shortage, anyone with a doctorate in nursing won’t have a hard time finding a job just about anywhere.

2. Bachelors in English Education or Linguistics

The field of education overall has an unemployment rate of about 4.2%, which means 95.8% of people with an educational degree of any kind are currently employed. A bachelors degree in English, linguistics, or teaching English as a second language (TESOL) are particularly wise options for someone who would prefer the option of being able to relocate abroad.

3. Bachelors Degree in Communication

A degree in communication can set you up for a career in so many different industries, and it can complement so many other kinds of degrees as well. People who major in communication sciences typically go on to enjoy an unemployment rate as low as 3.3%. Even if later on you choose to enter another field, having a communications degree under your belt will only make you a more hirable candidate for just about any managerial job position.

4. Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering

People with a degree in mechanical engineering are privileged with an unemployment rate of 3.8%. It won’t be easy, but if you have what it takes you’ll be able to land jobs in aerospace, automotive, maintenance, and civil engineering industries among others. Of course, these positions typically pay high hourly wages and annual salaries as well.

5. Doctor of Pharmacy Degree

Becoming a pharmacist is no easy task, which is why we listed it last, but if you can muster the six years of education it takes to make entry into the field, you’ll benefit from an occupation that carries an unemployment rate as low as 3.2%, not to mention a median annual salary of about $120k and an average hourly wage of $58/hour.

Factoring in Your Lifestyle Preferences Before Choosing

Ultimately, you should make the decision based on which career you’d be happiest sticking with in the long-term. Be realistic about your expectations and know what to expect in each job position before making the final commitment to pursue a specific degree.


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