Doing Your Own D.I.Y? Better Call Security!

So you’ve decided to go it alone have you, you independent thing you? No builder needed. This is your time to shine. But be careful. D.I.Y can be a difficult and dangerous proposition and you must take all necessary precautions. So good luck and take note.

First up your appearance. Yes you may be great looking but that doesn’t quite cut it here. So tie your long golden locks back, take off your chain, bracelets and wedding ring (Your spouse won’t mind this time I’m sure) and roll up your sleeves. Next, put a face mask on. I mean who knows what vapours could be blown out? And finally, don’t forget your thick gloves, glasses and hard hat for obvious protection purposes. You’re acting like a builder so why not look like one too?


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When doing your own D.I.Y, you must remember to bring your own tools. Buy them from a reputable hardware company and make sure you get a bit of personal advice whilst you’re there. Don’t go into this alone. You’re saving your hard earned money by not employing a hoard of builders but you still need your words of wisdom don’t you?

First up on the agenda, you’re going to install one of these self set up security systems. Just make sure you’re in a dry environment and that there’s no leaks in the ceiling of the room you’re putting them in because as we know water and electricity do not go well together. Remember what you learnt in primary school!! Don’t stand on a wobbly chair. Get a sturdy ladder and make sure the bottom of it is resting on a hard, even surface. Basics done. You can now do your work. My, your house is going to look better than ever before. Take your time. Make sure you do a good job. Slow and steady always wins the race remember.

Next, a bit of house extension. So time to do what any man has dreamt of and knock through a wall. Masculine points earned indeed. Put a plastic sheet down to save your precious living room floor and yet again, please wear the same equipment as before. I hope you’ve not taken them off for lunch purposes. If you have, you have definitely have turned into a real builder! Before you start, you might want to put special headphones on so as to alleviate the noise. It could get quite loud you know! We are thinking about your poor old ears here. Moreover, watch out where you’re swinging your hammer or you could be in a spot of bother. So here’s our provisional ‘I told you so’. Finally when knocking through, open all available windows and doors as it could get extremely dusty. See your face mask is handy after all!! And be warned of potential hard material falling from above. We couldn’t leave your Bob the Builder hard hat now could we? Can you fix it? Yes you can.


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