Stay Chilled This Winter! How To Prevent Common House Problems



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With Christmas approaching and the cold weather getting worse and worse, the last thing any of us wants is problems with our homes. In the summer you can just about deal with not having hot water, but in the winter a lack of central heating or a flood feels like the end of the world – and depending on where you live and the temperatures, not having heat could be very dangerous. Here are some tips on how to prevent common problems with your home this winter.

Have your boiler inspected. If you have it inspected and serviced as soon as possible, this will hopefully protect you from any breakdowns during the winter. Also make sure that you understand your boiler. It sounds simple, but make sure you’ve read the manual! It’s a whole lot more difficult to try to fix it yourself if your heat goes out overnight and you’re cold, clueless and in the dark, so give yourself a head start. You could also invest in a couple of electric heaters – these are expensive to run but they’re great for an emergency.


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Check your guttering. If they’re clogged, either hire someone to clean them out or get up on a stepladder and do it yourself. You should also check for cracks. If they’re damaged, your gutters can lead to leaks. Make sure you research water damage repair before the winter comes to ensure you’re clued up. In addition, make sure that your pipes are fully insulated to make sure that they don’t freeze and burst – this could also lead to huge amounts of water damage. If you go away, remember not to turn off the heat – just turn down the thermostat.



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Check your roof. Walk around your house to look for any loose or missing tiles. It’s much better to call in the professionals to fix it before winter properly comes, so it’s safe to get up on the roof. If you have problems with your roof, there may be leaks when it rains this winter.


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Get your chimney cleaned. There’s nothing better than sitting around a real log fire in your living room. You could even make s’mores! But chimney fires are a big and real danger, so ensure that your flue is clear before you light the fire.

Check your doors and windows. Ensure that they’re tight in their frames and that they fit well to make sure that there are no draughts.


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Be careful of opportunistic thieves. Your safety is important. If you’re planning to go away for a winter sun break or to spend time with friends and relatives over Christmas and New Year, make sure that you don’t make too many posts about it on social media. A lot of burglars use it to check out families that are going to be away from home so they can break in. Wait until you’re home to post pictures and to talk about your trip. In addition, don’t post too many pictures of your Christmas haul of gifts – no one needs to know about all the stuff your kids got and there’s no point in attracting thieves to your home. Likewise, keep your Christmas gifts away from the windows so they aren’t visible to passers-by.


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