The Next Big Thing in Home Decor is The She Shed!

Something that is gaining popularity in the world of home interiors is a chillout space just for women. It’s a space designed primarily for relaxing or crafting in, and also as an alternative to the man cave!  But exactly how can we create this female friendly chillout space in our home? Read on for some information.


The space

Firsts of all you need to decide where your she shed is going to be in your home. It doesn’t have to be an actual shed, although many of them are. It just needs to be a dedicated space. So a room that is away from the central hub of the house often works well, like a conservatory. It is also possible to install a space like this in a garage or in a basement conversion. This last one is a great idea if you are looking to get a bit of space between you and the other residents of your house!

Basically, wherever you choose to put it, it should be its own little self-contained oasis of chill. Separate to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The furniture

Once you have established where on your property you are going to locate your she shed or room, you need to think about how you are going to furnish it. Happily, if you want it to be a chill-out oasis, there are a lot of furniture items that are designed especially with comfort in mind.

You could go for a fabric egg nest. Which is precisely made for different permutations of snuggling. Or you could install cinema style chairs with foot rests for when you are watching the TV? Or how about covering the floor with beanbags? These can make comfy, flexible seating that can be moved to whether it’s needed. If you are looking for a giant version, check out the cozy sac and items like it for your she shed.


Or if you plan to do crafting activities in their you can install a table and some shelves to help you keep your stash organized.


Once you have some furniture in, then you get to go a little crazy and work out what gadgets and accessories would make this space fantastic. It really is up to you what you put in your she shed.

Some people like to keep a mini fridge in there for water or the odd glass of wine. Some like to have a kettle with a handy supply of teabags or even a full blown coffee maker. Others install a popcorn machine, so they always have a fresh supply whenever they are watching their favorite films.

Don’t forget plenty of soft cushions and fluffy blankets to so you always have something in hand when you decide to have an impromptu nap.


Then, of course, you can go crazy on the decor side of things. She shed’s can be very feminine with ditzy florals in the Cath Kidson style and romantic touches like dried flowers. But they don’t have to be. If you’d rather rock bright and bold geometric patterns then, feel free. It is your space after all!


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