Choosing the Right Oracle Remote DBA Support: Key Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring

With the advent of modern technology, compartmentalization of work has become much smoother. Online collaboration has made it easier to tackle multiple responsibilities and address more than one issue effectively in real-time. Cloud database management systems have made it extremely convenient for administrators to access required information from multiple access points any time of the day irrespective of physical location.

The primary role of a database administrator is to keep all databases error-free and updated. Any remote DBA should ensure that the databases are patched and secure from external and internal threats. It is also their responsibility to troubleshoot all database errors and maximize the database uptime. Choosing a remote database administration should give you the advantage of real-time problem identification and maintenance. Oracle remote DBA replaces in-house DBA teams and saves precious bucks on database management.

But choosing the right remote DBA partner may be a doozy if you do not have your requirements laid out and your priorities straightened. Here are 5 key questions you need to ask all prospective DBA services firms before hiring any of them:

Do these firms work with their own team of professionals or do they outsource their work to “call centers”?

This is a very critical question as working with a set team of DBA professionals will give your company database stability. Working with “call center” employees is rather dicey as they may not be dedicated to one particular database throughout a period of time. Working with a team of professionals will cost your company precious time when getting them up-to-date each time a different person is involved with your company database. So make sure you choose a remote DBA firm that has their own dedicated and professional DBA team for your service.

What is the experience level of the company and what’s their track record?

You need to check their client list and testimonials closely to ensure that they are reliable, established and trusted professionals who can take responsibility of your company database management. Having an experience of 5-7 years with Oracle Remote DBA is quite reassuring. Make sure they have hands-on experience of DBA troubleshooting and real-time monitoring.

What process of monitoring, notification and problem resolution do they follow?

Any DBA firm should rely on state-of-the art technology to offer Oracle DBA services. The lack of advanced tools may hinder adequate monitoring and notification processes. We would suggest you to avoid the firms that use third-party tools. While third-party tools are efficient in monitoring your customized database matrix, they have not been designed specifically for remote DBA support and may not be as optimized. Proprietary tools, on the other hand, are very effective as they can be modified and enhanced based on your company feedbacks.

What kind of technical information is there about the firm on the web?

To judge the firm’s technical prowess, you can always check white papers and installation guides they have on their registered website. These will give you a good insight of their attention to detail and communication abilities.

What’s the term of commitment?

Most remote DBA firms call for a year-long commitment, but if you are not sure about your future partner’s compatibility with your company, you can always find a way to sign for a shorter term. There are quite a few companies that offer monthly contracts. So you will know that they will put in the required effort to earn your alliance every month.

Once you identify the agency that seems fitting, ask for a pitch and be vocal about your budget. Do not be ashamed to make it competitive, or even haggle a bit in case they are not willing to sign for a short term period. Make sure the agency is affordable for your company besides being reliable and technically advanced.



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