Is Loft Conversion Really Worth the Investment?

The decision to convert your loft is one that is considered to be too intricate. To many people, it may come as a necessity due to a burgeoning family while to many others it may be prompted by the need for extra space. Either way, it is considered a worthy alternative to moving to a new house.

Before any work begins, first you will need to ascertain whether your loft is suitable for the kind of changes you want effected. The commonly assessed features include the head height and structural type.

Loft conversation can add up value to your property

A loft conversation is a serious investment and it has many people wondering whether it is really a worth venture in the first place. However, it is no secret that converting your loft brings more benefits than just the extra space. As a matter of fact, you can actually increase the value of your property by up to 20%. That’s right. By increasing your living space -a quarter or more- the value of your home can only soar.

Depending on the structure, a converted loft can be as large as a whole floor giving you freedom with the design. An informed and quality loft conversion will present you all kinds opportunities when transforming your home. You can have that study room you need, a sizeable lounge and spacious bedrooms for the kids. All this without having to move houses and dealing with the nuisance switching neighborhoods can bring especially to the kids.

Choosing a loft conversation company

Having the perfect builder is vital in ensuring that the project runs as smoothly as possible. Be sure to confirm that your contractor is approved NICEIC. This is very important especially if the loft conversion company will be undertaking the electrical works too. As much as comparing prices is still important, you have to make sure that the company you choose meets the necessary accreditation. We also recommend sourcing for an FMB associate member. Being the largest trade organization in the business, members are policed to meet the industry best practices. All in all, it won’t hurt to look at the client reviews and have an idea about the quality of their work. Check out the projects they have worked on previously to personally make a decision.

Remember no matter what you use the converted space for, the value of your property will be set to increase. However, it is to the best of your interests to ensure that you budget efficiently to prevent costs spiraling out of control and exceeding the value the conversion will add. The average return on investment is about 50% and in a city like London where property prices are at a premium that can even be higher. Most loft renovations do not need planning permission as they fall within the category Permitted Development Rights. Any restrictions will only apply if your home is listed or sits within a conservation area.

Renovating your loft can breathe new life into your home. You will have a room where you can enjoy the bright daylight and take in the surrounding landscape. The converted loft can be anything you want to make of it… from a comfortable home office to a quiet atmosphere where you relax away from the kids.


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