Should kids practice maths during Christmas holidays?


With Christmas just round the corner it’s time again for the family to spend some wonderful time together. Children are eagerly waiting for the festivities the prelude to which has already begun – fun filled activities like wrapping presents and planning for parties that can light up the festive season. Kids get busy writing letters to Santa for wish fulfillment and are overwhelmed by lots of chocolates and stuffing that they dream of. This is the best time when parents can spend time with their kids almost uninterrupted and the children too simply forget about studies and school that is now put on the back burner.

Shunning studies

Every parent would like to make best use of the festive holidays to stay close to their kids and give them the most enjoyable moments that they would cherish for long time. The mundane school activities and home studies are totally abandoned and this is what really worries many parents. Kids are kids after all and intense and uncontrolled celebrations keep them so much engrossed that there they are completely detached from studies forgetting every bit about it. Once the festivities are over, most kids are found struggling badly to regain their composure and are unable to concentrate on their studies like before. The hangover of seasonal rejoicing makes them look lost and forlorn as they realize that the enjoyment is over. This affects their mindset negatively as they find it extremely difficult to resume normal studies and this can badly affect the grades in the ensuing exams.

Life needs to be balanced

While parents do not mind about maximum enjoyment for kids that is also refreshing, the thought about how they would fare in exams that are just ahead is worrisome for many. They keep debating about whether children should stay in touch with studies even during Christmas holidays. While it sounds quite logical not to shut the doors of studies completely, but to keep it even ajar during festivities might be quite difficult for kids to balance their life. Kids might feel the strains of being pulled in two different directions. However, being able to formulate a routine for partial studies during holidays can be rewarding for kids.

Keep up the habit of studying

To ensure that kids stay in touch with studies plan for a brief routine of studies during the Christmas holidays and deal with a single subject that kids feel very uncomfortable about. Mathematics is the most concerning subject for the majority of kids. Hire the service of a tuition agency to support the kid with a teacher of mathematics during the holidays so that a scanty schedule of learning can be taken up. Just about an hour for a few days during the holidays can be good enough. It acts as a reminder for kids that despite the festive enjoyment they still cannot afford to lose sight of the most important thing in life.

Parents who are keen to ensure that the Yuletide enjoyment does not jeopardize their kids’ future would not mind to draw a line between relaxation and responsibility and teach the kids to balance it well.
About the author – Ken Woodbrige is a high school teacher and an author. He writes on various subjects among which school education is what attracts him most. He has worked for a tuition agency for many years and has a good understanding about child psychology.  Sharing his experience through blogs has now become a hobby for him. He loves to play football.


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