The Rise in the Varieties of Digital Signage Solutions and What They can do

Do you remember the cool screens that display information about arrivals and departures at the bus terminuses as well as show barker TV channels? That’s digital signage and it does way more than show updates and pictures. These are multimedia advertising platforms that can play video, audio, stream digital images and show information. At the moment, you can spot them at public spaces like airports, train stations, shopping malls, museums and retail stores. The market share for digital signage is expected to grow over $27.34 billion USD by 2022.
The main driving force behind the fame and success of digital signage include their diversity. They can be used in different forms in a myriad of places for serving a multitude of purposes. There are 4 major types of digital signage solution that the marketers have fallen in love with.

i. Indoor digital display – this kind of signage is usually commissioned by large corporations and government offices. The digital signage content of such displays includes the list of services, notification for employees, upcoming events and public advisory notices.These are the kinds of digital displays that are sought out by restaurants, colleges, schools and universities as well.
ii. Digital Posters – these types of digital signage solutions make the dream of attaining high definition displays at pocket friendly prices a reality. All the images (posters) and notices can be stored in flash drives, and the content does not need to be updated to a local network.

iii. Digital Menu Boards – this is one more digital signage solution that is heavily in demand, thanks to the next gen restaurants, bar and hospitality services. It mostly uses a LCD monitor in tandem with a media player that supports a plethora of video and image options. Since they do not draw their information from a CMS service, the content can be modified readily on the local flash storage device. Even hospitals seek out these digital boards since the content can be updated frequently without any expert technological assistance.

iv. Outdoor Dynamic Digital Signage Solution – these are the flashy, yet memorable adverts you see beside the road and outside the malls. They are placed outdoors and draw their content from a common local network or CMS.
These are wonderful for new age digital advertising campaigns. The content is can be stored in the form of several media files (both images and videos). You will need the assistance of an expert to modify the content since they are not stored in a physical confine, but in the cloud services.

The choice of the digital signage solution always depends upon your business requirements, your advertising budget and personal preferences. The dynamic signage solutions should entertain and inform audiences about your brand, business and ventures.

Author Bio: Roger Smith is a well known name in the world of advertising and marketing. He has his own digital signage content blog, and he writes extensively about suitable digital signage template designs, dynamic signage market shares, how businesses are influenced by digital signage and innovative ways of using digital signage for your business needs.


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