What Makes Wood Inlay Tungsten Rings So Special?


The wood inlay style, available in Tungsten rings, has been getting quite a lot of limelight over the last few years. And now more people are taking interest in them than ever. The main reason is that the beauty of these rings combines perfectly with the natural ruggedness of wood. You are sure to be mesmerized when you see the wide collection of tungsten rings in the popular online jewelry stores.

Availability of wood inlay tungsten rings

With ecommerce being at the peak, especially in the last few years, and more and more online jewelry sites opening, the availability of tungsten rings have considerably increased. People who always had the one way thought that the wedding ring essentially has to be of gold or platinum, are getting aware of the newer trends being set by tungsten.

And these special wood crafted tungsten rings, which infuse the aesthetic appeal of wood and Tungsten together, are easily available online. Some good sellers are even coming up with the offers of free shopping anywhere, which makes the purchases even more profitable and hassle-free. However, before you get tempted by offers, you must know what the rings exactly offer and what is so unique about them.

How nature embraces technology

The TungstenRings.com rings are a perfect combination of nature and technology. Wood is used in between folds of the metal. And this fusion is done with brilliant craftsmanship so that the wood is smooth to touch and retains its identity when placed with tungsten. The surfaces are fused at the borders so well, tightly clasped, and uniformly finished that you won’t be able to touch the edges individually. You would see a smooth finished ring where wood is in between the metal sheets of tungsten, and each one has a polish of its own. The wood is polished to show off its natural patterns, and the tungsten is polished to resist against all scratches. You may even get brushed tungsten wood inlay rings, where the tungsten is brushed to match with the patterns in the wood.

This pattern or style was never before used with other metals in wedding or engagement bands. And hence the new style has taken over the market quite well. While wood represents nature, the polish of tungsten represents technology, and when combined they look deadly gorgeous.

Maintenance of wood inlay tungsten rings
While Tungsten as the tough and hard shining metal would not demand much care from you, the wood inlay would not stay scratch-less and polished without care. You will have to keep in mind that the metal also has wood with it, and wood may chip off or break if you are mercilessly rough with the ring.

If you are purchasing a wood inlay ring, you would always enjoy one benefit for life. Since the inner side of the ring would be wooden, you may cut off the wood in future to get a bigger ring, in case your ring size goes up.

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