The Parenting Journey From Babe In Arms To Adult In Charge

When you find out you are pregnant, you know things are about to change forever. You’re ready for that (as much as you can be, anyway). Changes are going to happen to you, and to the way you live. What you may not be ready for is the way they will keep changing for the next several years. In many ways, that’s the story of parenthood. One huge change accompanied by endless smaller ones. Read More

Five Comfortable Fashion Items You Need for Class

Many students see college as their last chance to dress comfortably every day before they have to get a job in the real world, unless they are lucky enough to get a job with a super cool company like Facebook or Google. However, although it’s perfectly fine to be comfy on campus or at home if you’re studying for an online masters in business administration, there’s a fine line between dressing comfortably and looking sloppy. We’ve put together some of the best items to wear at college that you’ll be comfortable in, whilst looking smart. Read More

Moving Up: Relocating To A New Home In The Smartest Fashion

Maybe you’re moving in with your partner. Or perhaps you’re planning for a baby. Then again, you might just want a change of scenery. Whatever the motivation may be, preparing to move home is a very exciting time for any homeowner.
Amidst the excitement, though, you know that you need to get it right. Not only is this one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. It also has a huge impact on your daily lives. But as long as you are organized, there’s nothing to fear.
In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Read More

Make Valentine's Day A Little Different This Year

Who wants to have the same cliche Valentine’s day year after year? Valentine’s day isn’t too far off, and with this post, you could make it a bit different this year. Forget the chocolate and flowers. Use these tips to have a fun and unique day!
Make A Gift Yourself
Instead of going out and buying a cliche gift for your loved one, why not make a gift yourself? You could give them a handmade card, make them a cake, or make something extra special depending on what your skills are. It doesn’t need to be a physical item. Have you thought about writing them a poem, or even composing a song? Show them how much they mean to you without being a slave to consumerism! Read More

Who Said Building Work Was The Only Way To Make Your Small Home Bigger?

The struggle of fitting everything into our home is something we’ve all experienced. It’s always difficult, no matter the size of your home. Like fish, we expand to the space we live in and fill it with ease! Even so, it can be even harder to fit everything into a small home. When you’re working with limited space, it can be a challenge to find places for everything. Are you living in a cluttered space? Have you had enough of returning to an overloaded home? Here are a few ways you can make a small home work for you! Read More

Flea-Horror! Essential Steps To Take If You Discover Your Furry Friend Is Infested

As much as we love our beautiful furry friends, they can bring many challenges to a family. One thing, they can shed everywhere which can turn your glorious carpet into a hairy mess. And chewing up your favorite items can leave you questioning your loyalty to the pet. But one thing which causes the most hassle for pet owners is fleas. After all, it can be difficult to get rid of the pests once they arrive on your pet. And it can also cause your beloved pet to be in pain. You can also get bitten by the pests which can cause itchy skin. If you find that your pet has got fleas (use a comb, or look out for flea dirt), it’s so important to tread carefully. Therefore, here are some essential steps to take if you discover your furry friend is infested. Read More

Skin As Red As A Tomato: Top Reasons Why Your Skin Is Getting Irritated

It’s never good when we look in the mirror and see our skin is a tad on the red side. Often, we can’t figure out why that it has occurred. But it can make us feel embarrassed to go and face the outside world. And as much as you can cover your body in the foundation to tone down the red, it’s still hard to hide. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here are some top reasons why your skin is getting irritated, and you look as red as a tomato!

You are allergic to your washing detergent
When you find your skin is red, it can be hard to put your finger on why. But the first thing you should consider is what washing detergent are you using. If you have recently changed to a new one, it could be the reason for the irritation to your skin. After all, if you have washed your clothes and bedding in it, you could be now facing the consequences. You could easily check by washing your stuff with a different detergent. If you notice a difference to your skin, it’s best to stick to this one and throw away the other detergent. And if you add any kind of scent booster to your washing when it goes in the machine, check to see if this could be irritating your skin.
Read More

7 amazing tips that will help you put make-up for work

It is very hard to stay fresh during the whole work day. After a while, your make-up will start dripping down your face, destroying your otherwise perfect image. You will have to repair it all the time. To top it all off, your lipstick will smudge after the first morning coffee.
Luckily for you, there are ways to counter this. Read our tips and learn how to maintain the perfect face. No more need to sit in front of your Hollywood light mirror and reapply make-up during whole work day. Read More