7 amazing tips that will help you put make-up for work

It is very hard to stay fresh during the whole work day. After a while, your make-up will start dripping down your face, destroying your otherwise perfect image. You will have to repair it all the time. To top it all off, your lipstick will smudge after the first morning coffee.

Luckily for you, there are ways to counter this. Read our tips and learn how to maintain the perfect face. No more need to sit in front of your Hollywood light mirror and reapply make-up during whole work day.

1. Managing your tan in a fabulous way

Blush will last for much longer if you apply liquid powder beforehand. However, powder has to be perfect so make sure to find the perfect nuances and composition. Professional make-up artists claim that the liquid powder should be treated as a skin nurturing product; not as a make-up. So, if you skin is oily, pick a powder without it that will create matte base for your skin. In case of a dry skin, you can add hydration with a thick layer of powder. Before it, make sure to apply hydrating cream on your face making the surface of the skin fresher.

2. Do something with those bags under your eyes

No matter how you apply concealer, it is necessary to tap in on the critical spots until its colors becomes one with previously applied base. It is especially important to pay attention to pimples, freckles, skin redness and other skin imperfections. Regardless of your approach, make sure not to overdo it with quantity. Otherwise, concealer will start amassing within your pored exposing your wrinkles.

3. Doing your lips and eyes

Pencil is something every woman should have in her purse. It is an amazing product that makes a small but valuable difference. Before you apply shadow, you should use pencil on your eyelids. Have in mind that pencils in neutral colors are the best ones. They set up a great basis. Texture of these products is similar to wax and it can serve as a foundation. On top of that, it allows for much more precision during the procedure. If you spend a lot of time in front of your vanity mirror, that can be a valuable time saver.

4. Blush is a must

After powder and concealer, you are ready to apply the blush. Within the office space, you shouldn’t go with intense colors. Try something more natural as it is much more efficient during the day.

5. Never enough powder!

Now, after all of that, it is necessary to add some more powder. Transparent powder will fixate your flawless look and making it stand out. It is also necessary to pay attention to “T zone” because your forehead, cheeks and nose tend to get oily after a while.

6. Make your eyes even more attractive

Neutral shadow colors are the best choice for a work day. Lighter nuances are especially convenient as they look much more elegant and neat. Furthermore, they are great when exposed to strong office lights. If you wish to fixate your shadow, it is necessary to start with a special transparent basis, thin layer of cream shadow or a layer of powder.

7. Lipstick that sticks

Lipstick brings out that subtle smoothness of your lips. In order to remain in a perfect shape during the whole work day, make sure to use high-quality lipstick. This is one thing you shouldn’t skim on.

We hope you enjoyed our tips! Average woman knows some of these tips but they constantly make one or two mistakes. Even if everything else is in place, that small mistake can disrupt your whole make-up and with it, your complete appearance.


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